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									                                             N E W S O F T H E Q U I C K P R I N T I N G I N D U S T R Y AT A G L A N C E

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  “Now, more than ever,                   large-format imaging franchise mak-      says it will retain its ongoing rela-
we must never doubt the                   ing the list was SpeedPro USA at         tionship with regional printing asso-
                                          number 421. Not surprisingly, the        ciations. Printers who are part of the
enduring power of print                   top three franchises, regardless of      program and want more informa-
and its timeless role in                  specialty, were Subway, McDonalds,       tion, should contact their regional
the business world.”                      and 7-Eleven.                            partner program helpdesk with ques-
                                                     tions about program policies. Infor-
     NPES Chairman D.J.                                                            mation is also available on Adobe’s
  Burgess in NPES News                      BCT says it added 14 wholesale         website.
                                          printing companies to its system in
                                          2009. The acquisitions were in Cali-
                                          fornia, New York, Arizona, Georgia,        PRIMIR, Print Industries Market
                                          Iowa, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minne-        Information and Research Organiza-
                                          sota, Florida, Nevada, Norfolk, and      tion, has released a new study on the
         NEWS                             Alberta, Canada. BCT’s 60 North          effect of the changing media mix on
                                          American locations provide whole-        printing. “Media Mix and the Impact
  ENTREPRENEUR magazine                   sale stationery services to the trade.   on Print” identifies six marketplace
has released its 31st Annual Fran-                      forces that will drive changes in
chise 500 listings, which are based                                                media and marketing communica-
on financial and statistical data from                                             tions Among them are increasing
July 2008 through July 2009, pro-                                                  diversity, growth of the 65-plus pop-
vided by the franchises. Several print-                                            ulation segment, growing adoption
ing and print-related franchises are                                               rates for Internet-enabled mobile
among those listed. According to                                                   devices, and the global economy.
Entrepreneur, franchises must have at                                              “The ultimate by-product of the six
least 10 units, must be seeking new                                                notable market forces is the con-
franchisees, and are ranked by fac-                                                tinual fragmentation of audiences,”
tors such as financial strength and                                                according to the study. “Not only
stability, growth rate, and size of the                                            will marketers and media outlets
system.                                                                            refine their thinking about integrat-
  The top ranked print-related fran-                                               ed communications programs, but
chise was the UPS Store/Mail Boxes,                                                they will also evaluate the individual
Etc. at number 20. This franchise is                                               components … The printing indus-
not included in the annual Quick            THE PRINT Council has added            try will need to effect
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