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                             Highlights of recent developments
   Sumavel DosePro available H1N1 vaccine monitoring               Bacitracin Oph. Ointment
                                  The FDA has issued a letter
                                  to update healthcare profes-
                                  sionals on the FDA/CDC
                                  experience with the H1N1
                                  vaccination program and to
                                  provide details on the cur-
                                  rent vaccine safety monitor-
                                  ing program. The FDA and
                                  CDC are assessing H1N1
                                  vaccine safety on a continu-
   Zogenix and Astellas have      ing basis and have published     Fera has made Bacitracin
   made available Sumavel         a report describing the safety   ophthalmic ointment readily
   DosePro (sumatriptan           profile of H1N1 vaccines in      available again. Previously,
   injection), a selective        the U.S. No substantial dif-     only a limited quantity
   5-HT1B/1D receptor agonist     ferences between H1N1 and        of this prescription anti-
   in a needle-free delivery      seasonal influenza vaccines      infective ophthalmic had
   system, for the acute treat-   were noted in the propor-        been available. Bacitracin
   ment of migraine attacks,      tion or types of serious         ophthalmic ointment is indi-
   with or without aura, and      adverse events reported.         cated to treat susceptible
   the acute treatment of         No increase in any of the        superficial ocular infections
   cluster headache episodes.     preselected adverse events       involving the conjunctiva
     Sumavel DosePro is avail-    under surveillance (eg,          and/or cornea.
   able as a 6mg/0.5mL single-    Guillain-Barré syndrome)           For more information
   use, disposable injection.     has been seen in Vaccine         call (414) 434-6604.
     For more information         Safety Datalink data.
   call (866) ZOGENIX.              For more information visit     Spiriva HandiHaler update
                                The FDA announced that
   Adrenaclick Auto-injector      PublicHealthFocus/ucm197       data from a recent review of
   Sciele Pharma announced        733.htm.                       Spiriva HandiHaler (tiotro-
   that Adrenaclick (epineph-                                    pium dry powder for inhala-
   rine auto-injector) is avail-  Sulfite-free sfRowasa          tion, from Boehringer
   able for the treatment of      sfRowasa (mesalamine           Ingelheim) do not support
   severe allergic reactions      rectal suspension), a sulfite- an increased risk of stroke,
   (Type I). These reactions      free formulation of Rowasa heart attack, or death. This
   include anaphylaxis to sting- has been made available to communication is based on a
   ing and biting insects, aller- treat active mild to moder-    review of the Understanding
   gen immunotherapy, foods, ate di
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