Chesco man stole ex-wife's by julieryanbiz


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<div class="story_body"> <div class='timestamp'>Wednesday, March 4, 2009 10:25 AM EST</div>

<p class="byline">By Anne Pickering, Journal Register News Service</p> <p>WEST CHESTER &mdash; A Devon man Tuesday pleaded guilty to stealing his ex-wife's identity and using it to purchase six vehicles, all from Sloane Toyota of Devon, over the span of eight months.<BR /><BR />Under an agreement reached with prosecutors, Everett Frank, 45, of the 300 block of West Conestoga Road, pleaded guilty to six counts of identity theft, six counts of insurance fraud and one count of forgery.<BR /><BR />In court Tuesday, Everett Frank apologized to his former wife, who was seated in the audience.<BR /><BR />&quot;I'm truly sorry. I found out that I was bipolar and have a drug problem,&quot; said Frank.</p>

<div class="instory"><!-- AdSys ad not found for news:instory --></div> <p>According to court records, Frank ran an auto detailing business called Dents and Details Inc. As his marriage to Michele Frank was failing, he went to Sloane Toyota of Devon on May 16, 2006, and purchased a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser for $33,280. The transaction lists the buyer of the car as Dents and Details Inc. and Michele Frank.<BR /><BR />According to a letter read to the court by Michele Frank, she filed for divorce in June 2006.<BR /><BR />That month, Everett Frank traded in the 2007 Toyota Cruiser that he had just purchased for another 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser with a purchase price of $38,094.<BR /><BR />A month later, he traded that vehicle in and purchased a 2001 Mazda Miata for $15,309.<BR /><BR />A month after that, on Aug. 30, 2006, he traded in the Miata and purchased a 2003 Nissan 350Z for $28,114.<BR /><BR />Then on Oct. 26, 2006, he traded in the Nissan 350Z for a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser for a purchase price of $43,356.<BR /><BR />A month later, he traded in the Cruiser for a 2003 Mini-Cooper for a purchase price of $25,755.<BR /><BR />When he purchased the cars, he would take the paperwork from the dealer and sign Michele Frank's name and return it. He also provided Sloane Toyota with a copy of Michele Frank's Pennsylvania driver's license. For each car purchase, he also provided fraudulent insurance documents.<BR /><BR />In January 2008, Michele Frank was contacted by a collection agency that said she was in arrears on two car loans. In checking with a credit bureau, she discovered that her name was linked to six car loans.<BR /><BR />In a tearful voice Tuesday, Michele Frank told the court that life with her husband was so unbearable that she considered suicide to get away from him. When she was finally able to leave him in June 2006, he asked her to delay the divorce. Around that time he started his buying spree.<BR /><BR />&quot;I've spent countless hours writing letters to collection agencies and credit bureaus. Every so often, I get a new round of collection agency calls,&quot; she said.<BR /><BR />The stress has sent her to the hospital and aggravated her medical condition, she said.<BR /><BR />Judge Phyllis Streitel sentenced him to 16 to 32 months in state prison and two years of probation for each of the six counts of insurance fraud, with the sentences to run concurrently. Frank received the same sentence for the six counts of identity theft and one count of forgery, with all the sentences to run concurrently.<BR /><BR />He was ordered to pay not more than $183,000 in restitution to Toyota Credit and successors, less credit for the value of cars that were returned.<BR /><BR />Senior Deputy Attorney General Gregg David Shore of the Attorney General's Insurance Fraud Section prosecuted the case.<BR /><BR />&quot;The effect this has had on the victim &mdash; she has been dealing with rehabilitating her financial life due to circumstances beyond her control,&quot; Shore said.<BR /><BR />Everett Frank is serving a state sentence in two Delaware County cases. One case involved a fraudulent insurance claim for $75,000 that he submitted in connection with damage at his business, records say.</p> </div><!--/story_body-->

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