Ready To Change Your Life?

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					Ready To Change Your Life?
Wendy Anguiano
Today's Woman; Feb 2010; 20, 2; Docstoc
pg. 34

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Description: [Kyle Shepherd] says, "This is the first time I have ever lost weight!" Once I hushed the competitive person inside and realized it wasn't a competition, I was able to get a handle on it." Kyle has learned, "the time-tested concepts of 'calories in calories out, reduce what you eat, and move' actually do work." She has learned she CAN do it!Working out at the gym intimidated Latashia.With Leigh's help, [Latashia Matthews] moved beyond her fear and just did it. "I went out to the floor and started doing a couple things Leigh showed me. A personal trainer asked who my trainer was and said she really knows her stuff!" On long workdays, Latashia has taken her weights to work to do a workout in the basement. She has had some co-workers join her. Latashia says, "I am teaching myself that you don't have to have the gym to get a good workout!" She will walk briskly through the mall, pull out a jump rope, or take the stairs.Working with Latashia, Leigh has implemented cardio training using a ladder, boxing, kickboxing, steps, and treadmill sprints. She varies the cardio with some resistance weight training using the TRX (suspension training) as seen on the Biggest Loser. Leigh encourages Latashia to keep a journal, stay in motion, and make small changes such as parking farther from the door or walking her son's soccer field while he is practicing. Together Leigh and Latashia work out twice a week, and Leigh has designed a routine for Latashia for the additional three days on her own.
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