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									 LS-series Rotating Assemblies
                                                                                                       Carbon-fiber Shaft
    Highly respected engine components
    manufacturer Manley Performance has                                          Precision Shaft Technologies has completed development of the
    introduced a series of rotating assemblies                                   Carbon Fiber 1480 Pro Mod Shaft. The product is tested to more
    for GM LS-series engines. Offered in a                                       than 3,500 foot-pounds of torque to withstand the violent
    variety of bore/stroke combinations,                                         environment of Pro Mod racing. The 7075 billet 1480 yokes are
    Manley’s assemblies enable builders to                                       manufactured with attention to stress points that are susceptible in
    obtain up to 439-cid. Lightweight and                                        driveline failures. Carbon-fiber tubing designed for high torque
    Super Lightweight 4340 forged steel crankshafts, which are also new          applications is bonded to the yoke using their proven process.
    to the Manley product line, are key to the assemblies. The camshafts         Solid joints are installed and then electronically balanced to insure
    are available in 4.0-inch and 4.1-inch strokes and equipped with 24- or      smooth operation up to 10,000 rpm. The introduction of the 1480
    56-tooth reluctor wheels. Manley’s famed Platinum Series pistons are                                   shaft compliments the full range of drag
    offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.90 to 4.13 inches, and                                   racing shafts from 1040 steel and 3.5-
    compression ratios (8.7 to 12.4), depending on dish- or flat-top                                       inch 6061 aluminum for Sportsmen and
    design, cylinder bore, and combustion chamber sizes. They include                                      bracket classes to the chromolly 4-inch
    moly-coated skirts and chrome-moly steel wrist pins with locks. For                                    aluminum and 1350 carbon shafts that are
    connecting rods, builders can choose between Manley’s popular H-                                       SFI certifiable. For more information,
    Beam, H-Lite, and I-Beam designs. They are forged from 4340                                            call 888-575-7888 or log on to
    material and equipped with premium ARP rod bolts. To complete the                            
    assemblies, which are available balanced upon request, Manley
    utilizes a Total Seal piston ring package and Clevite bearings: the H
    series narrowed rod bearings and P series mains. For more                   Valve Refacing Wheels                         Radiator Kit
    information, write to Manley Performance, Dept. ND, 1960
    Swarthmore Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701, or call 732-905-3366; Web                 Goodson’s valve refacing          This new radiator kit from
    site, Send $5 for a 2010 catalog or $10             wheels for Rottler VR8            Applied Racing Technology
    for a catalog plus T-shirt.                                                    refacers are now available        includes a 19-inch aluminum
                                                                                   in three new sizes, all           radiator (no cap provision) and
                                                                                   featuring a 45-degree back        Slimline fan with aluminum
       Powerglide 27 Spline Hardened Transmission Yoke                             cut. For more information,        shroud. For more information,
                                                                                   call 800-533-8010 or log          call 800-571-3023.
  Transmission Specialties                                                         on to
  is proud to introduce the
  new PG Yoke. This Yoke
  is manufactured from a
  high-strength 4340 steel
  forging and will fit the
  aftermarket extension
  housings with the roller
  bearing, and it uses the
  1350 series U-Joint. For
  more information, call

 Hard-coat Anodized Pistons
                                                                              temperatures can become micro-welded to their ring grooves. The
    Imagine the surreal heat and                                              Type 3 aluminum oxide anodizing (technically a ceramic) provides a
    cylinder pressure generated by a                                          heat barrier, which insulates the piston. The hard-coating is
    Top Fuel engine on a 1,000-foot                                           approximately .002-inch thick. It penetrates the surface of the piston
    pass. Though the violence to the                                          .001-inch and builds out another .001-inch, therefore machining
    pistons isn’t as concentrated                                             allowances must be made to accommodate the thickness of the
    inside a street engine with a                                             application. This hard-anodizing possesses a surface finish
    power adder, it is constant and                                           approaching 70-Rockwell hardness and protects pistons against
    just as debilitating over the long                                        excessive combustion heat, detonation damage, and skirt wear — an
    run. Diamond has the answer. A street-driven nitrous-fed or               absolute necessity in nitrous and supercharged applications. As hard-
    supercharged engine needs the hard coat more than a competition           anodizing gives the piston a protective coat that reduces wear and
    engine because the combustion process expands from the few seconds        insulates it from heat, it also provides an excellent surface to apply
    of a quarter-mile run to hours of street use. Diamond hard-anodizes       Diamond’s moly skirt coating for even better performance. For more
    the entire piston and then moly-coats the skirt. The moly-coat            information, write to Diamond Pistons, Dept. ND, 23003 Diamond
    wouldn’t be necessary in a drag race application, but it is genuine       Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48035, or call 877-552-2112; Web site,
    insurance for a street engine. Piston rings exposed to high     

50 National DRAGSTER
                      Extra Long Top Pilots                                 Small-block Ford Head
 Goodson’s .385-inch top pilots are now available in standard length         CFE Racing
 and extra long. Ideal for heads with a deeper bowl area, like the           Products’ newest
 Cummins 5.9L, these top pilots feature solid tapered high speed steel       small-block Ford
 for long life and outstanding performance and fit popular seat              head, Storm II, is
 grinding or guide and seat machines. For more information, call 800-        a billet head that
 533-8010 or log on to                                      is precision
                                                                             machined from
                                                                             aircraft quality
                                                                             6061 T6
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