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                    Vantage Point
                    B Y H E AT H E R V O N A L L M E N      NJ data regs may not
                  Over the past decade, numerous
                                                            pose threat for HIOs
                  changes have impacted the health-         New Jersey’s Division of
care market and driven marketplace volatility.              Consumer Affairs recommended
                                                            tight controls on data-mining,
Among them, managed care continues to influence             among other limits designed
brand success, and Medicare Part D is creating a new        to prevent conflicts of interest
dynamic within the industry.                                in medicine. But health infor-
                                                            mation organizations, it would
  Additionally, consumers are more educated about           seem, only have to worry about
the effects and costs of drugs, while physicians are        some of those proposed rules.
less accessible than ever before, both to the sales            The data-mining proposals
                                                            accompany the division’s report      Outgoing AG Milgram linked data
rep and patient. Opt-out and opt-in programs allow
                                                            on Physician Compensation            mining regs to doctor licensing
physicians to eliminate the capture of their prescrib-      Arrangements, which also cov-
ing, limiting the manufacturers’ ability to understand      ers areas such as gifts, financial   he appointed richard Bagger, a
                                                            disclosure and CMe.                  Pfizer executive and former state
how best to serve their physician and patient base.
                                                               Attorney General Anne Mil-        legislator.
  As these changes impact product sales, brand team         gram issued an endorsement.             Other data-related provisions
leaders are charged with combating stagnating prod-            However, in order to restrict     could be enacted by the state’s
                              uct growth. They must         the use and sale of prescriber-      Board of Medical examiners
                                                            identifiable information for         after a six-month comment
Consumers are                 turn to evidence-based        commercial purposes, the report      period, though.
more educated                 decision-making to drive      recommends legislation, and this        One calls for notifying doctors,
                                                            has little chance of advancing       upon renewing their licenses,
about the effects of efficient and effective                with Chris Christie, a repub-        that they can use AMA’s opt-
drugs, while docs             brand strategies and          lican, set to replace Democrat       out program to prevent having
are less accessible tactics. The most effec-                John Corzine as governor.            rx information sold by pharma-
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