Recreational Music Making Handbook for Piano Teachers by ProQuest


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									                               basic accompanying skills in varied         have been developing and implement-
                               styles and will benefit from the print      ing group programs for the adult hob-
                               and recorded examples included in the       byist for years in our music stores. I
                               book/compact disc combination.              have successfully used this information
                               ––Reviewed by Scott Price, University of    to teach and train both group teachers
                               South Carolina                              in our own music school and new
                                                                           RMM teachers around the country.
                               8 Recreational Music Making                   In Chapter 6, Brenda Dillon shares
                               Handbook for Piano Teachers, by             her personal experience and knowledge
                               Brian Chung and Brenda Dillon. Alfred       of how a RMM class can be conducted
                               Publishing Company, 2009.                   on two pianos. This approach is
                     ; (818) 892-2452; 51          intended for venues that do not have
                               pp. $9.95.                                  multiple pianos.
                                  Both Brian Chung and Brenda                This RMM Handbook will serve as
                               Dillon have many                                                   a reference for
                               years of experience                                                the numerous
                               working with music                                                 teachers who
                               educators, piano                                                   understand and
                               dealers and piano                                                  believe that every
                               manufactures. Their                                                life needs
                               knowledge and                                                      music—not just
                               experience, com-                                                   piano students
                               bined with others                                                  who aspire for
                               who are currently                                                  mastery, but all
                               developing and                                                     human beings
                               implementing                                                       that need music
                               RMM programs, are                                                  to bring balance
                               compiled to answer                                                 to their lives.
                               the questions being                                                And as we are
                               posed by teachers                                                  experiencing with
                               interested in                                                      the s
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