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Piano For Singers: Learn to Accompany Yourself and Others, w/CD


Pianists or vocalists possessing beginning or a higher level of keyboard playing ability will gain a greater understanding of the components of basic accompanying skills in varied styles and will benefit from the print and recorded examples included in the book/ compact disc combination.

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									and Dive,” and allow a student to imagine the setting and
capture the essence of the title while striving to have the
pedal sounds add color and expression to the performance
of the composition. The black and white pencil drawings
                                                                                         SUMMER AT
are an attractive complement to the titles of the piece and
help the imagery as well.
    Because it is possible to teach several of the selections
by rote, students are able to learn pedaling technique                                                              2010
before they can read music. With the graded exercises and
emphasis on tonal color, imagery and even improvisation,        Plays Well With Others
students develop a repertoire of appealing selections while
                                                                July 12-14
adding the skill of pedaling. This is an excellent addition
                                                                ALEXANDRA NGUYEN, DIRECTOR, WITH JODY GRAVES
to the standard methods books and a resource of value to
                                                                Learn what it means to be a pianist who plays well
all piano teachers. For students interested in more             with others – from artistic joys and personal rewards to
advanced pedal study, the author’s Artistic Pedal Technique:    trials and tribulations. Each day will focus on a di erent
Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced Pianists will be of       aspect of the field: performing, teaching, philosophy,
interest. ––Reviewed by Carolyn Walden, Birmingham,             hands-on experience.
Alabama                                                         Professional Development Hours: 21
8 Performing in the Zone, by Jon Gorrie. www.thezone-           Tuition: $1100/1 credit; $370/noncredit, 2009. 224 pp. $ 23.95.
   Performing in the Zone by Jon Gorrie sets out to define
the obstacles to mastery of optimal musical performances        July 12-16
with reference to managing performance nerves. This is a        WILLIAM PORTER, DIRECTOR,
how-to book, which                                              WITH JEFFREY BRILLHART AND RICK ERICKSON
offers a number of solu-                                        Focus on hymn-tune improvisation and free forms.
                                                                Increase your skills, shed your apprehensions, and
tions such as mantras and
                                                                experience Eastman’s wonderful new instruments
rituals, visualization,                                         first-hand!
yoga, mock performances
and physical exercise                                           Professional Development Hours: 30
designed to aid the per-                                        Tuition: $1,100/1 credit; $575/noncredit
former in managing
“arousal anxiety” and                                           Music Horizons
understanding how it is                                         July 10-31
used to attain self insight                                     RUTH CAHN, DIRECTOR
and control.                                                    An internationally acclaimed, highly individualized
   Gorrie has been a clas-                                      program for students currently in grades 9–12 who are
sically-trained trumpet                                         seriously considering a career in music.
player and a music educa-                                       Tuition: $1700; $3065 with housing and meals
tor for the past 15 years.
Performance nerves and
their management a
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