Seeking the Significance of Music Education: Essays and Reflections by ProQuest


Remarkably, he is quite comfortable discussing Edelman's model of the brain, Newton's contributions to physics, Descartes's breakthroughs in reasoning, Copernicus's theories of planetary motion and Galileo's problems with the Catholic Church. Reimer's breadth of knowledge is especially apparent in those essays that explore such bold topics as the roots of inequity and injustice, the challenges facing modern educators, the darker side of human nature, the reasons for war, the inclusion and empowerment of women, the necessity of performing with understanding, and the pathways to improving doctoral programs in music education.

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									every student, the book is a great          Listening” and “The Way It Will Be,”    neys far beyond the field of music to
resource for any teacher looking for        are sprinkled with subtle humor and     make his points. Remarkably, he is
motivational ideas to present to stu-       satire. The reader should be prepared   quite comfortable discussing Edelman’s
dents.                                      to encounter many                                             model of the
   With its easy-to-read format, per-       complex concepts                                              brain, Newton’s
sonal style and encouraging tone, this      and issues. In some                                           contributions to
book would be useful as studio wait-        cases, the reader may                                         physics,
ing-room reading or the individual          have to read various                                          Descartes’s break-
reinforcement needed for a discour-         passages several                                              throughs in rea-
aged student ––Reviewed by Stephen          times to properly                                             soning,
Allen, Brigham Young University-Idaho       digest the contents.                                          Copernicus’s the-
                                               The book is divid-                                         ories of planetary
8 Seeking the Significance of Music         ed into three large                                           motion and
Education: Essays and Reflections, by       sections. The first                                           Galileo’s prob-
Bennett Reimer. Rowman & Littlefield        section is titled                                             lems with the
Publishing Group, 2009. www.rowman-         “Our Values as a                                              Catholic Church.; (800) 462-6420; 418        School Subject” and                                           Reimer’s breadth
pp. $44.95.                                 deals with core val-                                          of knowledge is
   This profound and thought-provok-        ues. The second is                                            especially appar-
ing book is composed of 24 carefully        “Achieving Our                                                ent in those
chosen essays representing the best of      Values;” it explores                                          essays that
Bennett Reimer’s publications in music      what and how to                                
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