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									                                                                                  around the world; voting procedures

                                          Items of Interest                       that have been adopted by other
                                                                                  instrumental competitions; a format
                                       Fabers Reach Distribution Deal             and schedule designed to showcase its
                                          A corporation owned by Randall and      unique festival nature; a competition
                                       Nancy Faber now owns the rights to         for American composers held within
                                       the Piano Adventures catalog and other     the International Piano Competition
                                       Faber publications previously owned by     that offers a showcase for new
                                       The FJH Music Company, Inc.                American works; advances in the use
                                          In addition, the Fabers have reached    of technology, including real-time
                                       a distribution deal with the Hal           Internet streaming; and a landmark
                                       Leonard Corporation giving it the          webcast in 2009.
                                       exclusive long-term distribution rights       In 1999, Rodzinski started the
                                       for the Fabers’ publications. Hal          International Piano Competition for
                                       Leonard                                    Outstanding Amateurs, a quadrennial
                                       will be                                    event that alternates with the
                                       responsi-                                  International Piano Competition. The
                                       ble for the                                amateur competition has been present-
                                       sales, dis-                                ed five times. Recognizing his commit-
                                       tribution                                  ment to active adult musical
                                       and mar-                                   engagement, the top prize was named
                                       keting of                                  the Richard Rodzinski First Prize
                                       the Faber                                  Award in his honor and has been
                                       catalog                                    endowed in perpetuity.
                                       through-                                      Rodzinski produced two decades of
                                       out the                                    the Cliburn Concerts series, bringing
                                       world.                                     musicians of the highest caliber to
                                       This deal                                  audiences in the Southwest. He also
                                       encompasses the Fabers’ entire catalog,    initiated the Cliburn at the Modern
                                       including Piano Adventures and its         series, which showcases works of living
                                       array of supplementary publications,     
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