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                                                               personal effects
                                                                             By Heidi Tolliver Nigro

                                                                     Magjak’s ABC Tours Campaign: Digging Deeper for Best Practices
                                                                    ack in Sept. 2009, Printing News        What’s important is that they tracked       channels to hit recipients in different

                                                               B    did a profile article on Magjak, a
                                                                    printing company and 1:1 printer
                                                               located in Port Chester, N.Y. About the
                                                                                                            the three creative approaches and
                                                                                                            found that there were noticeable dif-
                                                                                                            ferences between them. Knowledge of
                                                                                                                                                        ways to boost response.

                                                                                                                                                        The print mailer was preceded by a
                                                               same time, I was independently looking       these differences was subsequently          series of three e-mails. The first alerted
                                                               at a campaign mentioned in the profile,      incorporated into future campaigns.         people to the fact that they were about
                                                               Magjak’s Club ABC Tours campaign.                                                        to receive a mailer with a special offer
                                                                                                            Precise Target Demographics                 just for them. The second—subsequent
                                                               In this column, I want to take a closer      Unlike previous campaigns, which were       to receiving the mailer—reminded them
                                                               look at this campaign because it             largely undifferentiated, Club ABC Tours    that they were chosen to receive this
                                                               contains fascinating details critical to     decided to focus its efforts on high-       special offer and that it expired soon.
                                                               making 1:1 tick. These kinds of “under       value targets in the Tri-state area. This   The third told them there were only a
                                                               the hood” mechanics make or break            meant recipients fell within a target       few days left.
                                                               the success of 1:1 campaigns, and they       age demographic and matched other
                                                               are details 1:1 printers and their clients   demographics, such as home ownership        Responses were tracked with a special
                                                               need to understand as they seek to de-       and income.                                 promotion code. When respondents
                                                               velop their own expertise in 1:1 printing.                                               went to the Club ABC Tours Web site,
                                                                                                            With each of the three cover themes,        they could enter their personal code.
                                                               Club ABC Tours, a travel membership          the campaign was further personalized       At that point, their specific offer and
                                                               organization operating in the New York       by demographic and past purchase his-       content came up. If people responded
                                                               Tri-state area, was looking to acquire       tory, if any. The travel message varied     by telephone instead of online, they
                                                               new members and encourage travel             depending on whether the recipient was      were asked to refer to the same code,
                                                               among existing members. Working              a current or prospective customer (for      allowing ABC Tours and Magjak to track
                                                               with Magjak, it decided to forgo its         example, “Heidi, are you ready to travel    the responses accurately.
                                                               traditional method of printing large,        again?” Or “Heidi, we miss you.” Or
                                                               undifferentiated brochures and test          “Heidi, Join Club ABC”). The mailer also    Magjak handled the print production,
                                                               a personalized campaign designed to          included a fully personalized correspon-    and ABC Tours handled the e-mail and
                                                               encourage people to travel despite the
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