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                                                                                        Direct Mail:
                                     Practice What You Print
                                                                          By Mark Vruno
                                                                          News flash for printers: The latest DMA National Client
                                                                          E-mail Survey report reveals that direct mail is still one of
                                                                          the most commonly used marketing channels. Furthermore,
                                                                          not only has direct mail stood up well to the challenges
                                                                          posed by the recession, but it carries weight in the board-
                                                                          room, according to last fall’s Marketing Week Direct Mail
                                                                          Attitudes survey, which found that 56 percent of marketers
                                                                          believe that direct mail has influence with the top execu-
                                                                          tives or board members at their companies.

                                                                          Just last month, there was a flurry of direct mail activity
                                                                          among U.S. printers. of Prince Frederick,
                                                                          Md., purchased nearby Eagle Direct, adding capability for its
                                                                          multi-insert packages. The acquisition is expected to boost
                                                                          DirectMail’s capacity by more than 500,000 pieces per day.
                                                                          Also in December, Princeton allpoints Communications
                                                                          opened a new service center in Robbinsville, N.J. The 150,000-
                                                                          sq.ft. facility features a complete suite of data processing
                                                                          services, full-color digital print on demand, continuous and
                                                                          cut-sheet laser printing, turnkey direct mail services and fully
                                                                          integrated fulfillment. Meanwhile, the nation’s leading menu
                                                                          producer, Glen Allen, Va.-based online printer,
                                                                          launched a new direct mail division serving small business
                                                                          owners in the pizza and takeout food industry.

                  Where’s the Money?                                      The bottom line is that direct mail (still) works for the
                                                                          majority of the 18 million businesses in the United States.
 Printing for the Children’s Market                                       And it stands to reason that if direct mail works for print-
                                                                          ers’ customers, it should work for printers, too. Form
 By Debora Toth                   much as one might expect. The           should follow content, especially if you’re a printer of direct
 While children are constantly    recession and electronic media          mail! After all, how does it look to your customers if you
 being enticed by computer and    have put a dent in sales, but the       don’t use direct mail yourself?
 video games and television       market is still healthy for sheetfed
 shows, books, games and other    and web printers.                       Making the Time, Doing the Math
 printed material designed for                                            For many printing companies, what seems a like a no-
 children have not declined as                      continued on page 8   brainer—promoting themselves in print—doesn’t happen
                                                                                                                            continued on page 6

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