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    Handling Clueless Customers
        With consumer customers shopping               Audio Tools for You and Your Customers
    more and more for parts, it is demanding              Below are some ProCasts (commonly referred to as podcasts) to help you and your
    more out of dealers. These customers often        landscape customers operate more effectively and profitably. Listen for yourself or pass
    require more time and effort when making          the information on to your most valuable customers.
    the sale. Managing your time and patience,        Husqvarna Head Talks Early Impressions, Future Intentions
    while providing satisfactory customer ser-           In an exclusive interview with, Michael Jones, Husqvarna’s
    vice, is key. Below, a couple of dealers give     new head of sales and service in Latin and North America, discusses his first few
    their best advice for handling the demand-        months on the job, early impressions of the industry, and how independent servicing
    ing parts customer and getting the sale.          dealers will continue to play an important role in Husqvarna’s growth strategy.
        Low Turnover – Very low turnover
                                                      You’re Charging Too Much – Part 1
    means parts people become more and more
                                                          Tommy Ganz and Rick Beaver of the American Landscape Maintenance Association
    experienced and can quickly sift through
                                                      (ALMA) help contractors break down pricing in a multi-part series. They cover man-hour
    and pick out what the customer needs. As
                                                      rates, production ratios, and how it all works together for better bidding.
    their skill level increases, they can easily
    help the customer figure out what they are        The Trick to Solving Any Business Problem
    looking for with little information.                   Jim Paluch, a longtime consultant to the Green Industry, describes how dealers
        Long Hours – Staying open later on            and contractors can clear just about any hurdle by asking themselves a handful of
    the weekdays and offering some weekend            critical questions.
    hours often beats out the competition when
                                                       Visit to listen to these and many other
    trying to reach consumer customers.                helpful ProCasts filled with valuable and specific information you can
        Big Parts Inventory – A large parts                           put to use in your business immediately.
    inventory means a higher likelihood that you
    have the part a customer is looking for. They
    may be willing to special order, but if the     Rotary Announces                                Ariens Acquires
    repair is urgent, they will be happier if you   Sales Changes                                
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Description: Ariens Company announced it has acquired the intellectual assets of the [Kee Mower Brand] brand of products. The high-wheel walk-behind mowers are used by rural property owners, landscape contractors and municipalities to cut underbrush, remove heavy overgrowth of tall grasses or weeds, and conduct tight trimming around and under structures such as fences. The company plans to sell Kee Mowers under the Gravely brand of products available through independent power equipment dealers.
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