Where are Your Assets? by ProQuest


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									Cool as McCumber

                           Where are Your
                                                                                                enjoy with an insurance agent.
                                                                                                   Me: I want to get some insurance on
                                                                                                my property and vehicles.
                                                                                                   IA: Absolutely. Where is your home

                                  Assets?                                                       located? (Checking insurance tables
                                                                                                based on cost of home, location, etc.)
                                                                                                   Me: We’ve outsourced our living
                                                                                                arrangements in this new economy. My
                                                                                                wife and I travel all the time, so we have
                                                           By John McCumber                     someone deliver the stuff we need when
                                                                                                we need it. It’s the same with our cars.

       was seated at a business dinner last night                                               We just rent them wherever we are.
       in Silicon Valley. Around the table at the                                                  IA: Sounds, well, interesting. How do
       Four Seasons Hotel sat several technology                                                you get your clothes and other personal
       luminaries representing software compa-                                                  possessions?
       nies, government and well-known internet                                                    Me: We simply call our outsourcer to
darlings that had made many of their investors                                                  tell them where we will be. We then tell
and employees quite wealthy. I was privileged to                                                them what clothes we need based on the
be among them, and the erudite conversion was                                                   weather, and what musical instruments,
even more enjoyable than the gourmet meal and                                                   books and family pictures we want
excellent Napa Valley wines being served.                                                       there. It has amazing benefits!
   Shortly after my grilled sea bass arrived, the                                                  IA: Are they insured for any losses that
topic turned to cloud computing. Several of the                                                 happen to your stuff?
guests were intimately involved in this emerging                                                   Me: I’m not sure. That’s why we need
information technology concept. The technolo-                                                   insurance from you. What happens if
gists at the table were able to dive much deeper                                                one of my guitars is stolen, damaged or
than the normal platitudes of expected benefits,       “The CIOs were con-                      becomes lost? What about my wife’s jew-
and we discussed the underlying technologies                                                    elry or our clothes?
necessary to actually begin to achieve the cost           cerned about out-                        IA: I would assume you would hold your
savings and future capabilities touted at semi-                                                 outsourcer responsible in that case. Don’t
nars and conferences. Concepts and architec-
                                                         sourcing control of                    they exercise control over your items?
tures including thin clients, virtualization and
remote s
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