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									                           Biometrics for Batteries
              Iris recognition system improves access control at manufacturing facility

E   very morning when Rick Long enters his office at the
    Enersys Energy Products facility in Warrensburg, Mo., he is
reminded of how much of an improvement the new Panasonic
                                                                      are not required to take their badge home after their shift — in
                                                                      fact, we discourage it.”

Iris Recognition access control system is over the old card           Impressive Speed and Accuracy
system. There are no lines, no fumbling with cards and no                A product demonstration arranged by Raul Morffi of
individuals entering on the heels of another’s card swipe. He         Electronics Supply Co. Inc. revealed the speed and accuracy of
also knows the building and its occupants are much safer and          the system, which has a fault acceptance rate lower than 1 in
more secure.                                                          1.2 million and can read an iris in 0.3 seconds. In addition, the
                                                                      dual mirror configuration, distance indicator and voice guidance
Eyeing the Options                                                    recognition procedure enhance the simplicity of enrollment and
   As Network Systems Manager for Enersys Energy Products,            identification.
Long was tasked with researching options to replace the                  “The entire management team went through the enrollment
company’s card-based access control system and determined             procedure during the demonstration,” Morffi says. “With almost
that biometrics was the way to go. Working with its system            500 employees, they needed to know that entry control would be
integrator, Electronic Supply Co. Inc., Enersys evaluated several     fast and easy with no line-ups.”
forms of biometric security products, including fingerprint               Adds Long: “We were very impressed with the speed and
readers and iris recognition systems.                                 accuracy at which the system could read the iris, recognize the
   Long ultimately selected the Panasonic solution for its high       user and open the door. It could accommodate users of varying
rate of accuracy and because it is a standalone system that does      p
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