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                                                                                                    Networking Basics
                 Order in the Court                                                                 If your security team is jumping into
                                                                                                    an IP video project, you might want to
Lt. Jimmie Barrett discusses safety and security in the courthouse                                  make sure everyone brushes up on their
                    By Geoff Kohl, Editor,                                    network skills. Starting this month on
                                                                                           is a series of
                                                                                                    guest articles from the team at Cisco
                             In light of the recent shooting at the Lloyd D. George U.S.
                                                                                                    Systems that details back-to-basics tips
                          Courthouse and Federal Building in Las Vegas, SIW caught up
                                                                                                    and provides primer-level education on
                          with Lt. Jimmie Barrett to discuss safety and security at our na-
                                                                                                    network video and data networking.
                          tion’s courts. Barrett is the author of Protecting Court: A Practi-
                          tioner’s Guide to Court Security, and is the Court Security Super-
                          visor for the Sheriff’s Office of Arlington County, Va.
                             SIW: From what you have seen, are our nation’s court facilities        In-Depth on H.264
                          properly protected?                                                       Peter DeAngelis of IQinVision com-
                             Barrett: In the broadest sense, we are providing protection —          pletes his series “Key considerations
                          but there is significant room for improvement — both in terms              when selecting a video compression
                          of funding and training. The type of protection provided to our           algorithm”, a three-part column (sim-
                          courthouses varies widely. While some courthouses have elabo-             ple-to-read for those of us who aren’t
                          rate security measures such as pop-up bollards, robust screening          propeller heads) on video compression
stations, secure underground parking, perimeter camera systems and highly motivated                 formats for megapixel surveillance.
security personnel, too many do not. There still exist numerous courthouses across the              With so much hype surrounding H.264,
country, primarily at the state and local levels, that do not even have a magnetometer              Pete sorts it out in practical terms.
and have parking lots where their judiciary park with the public.                         
   SIW: You’ve written and spoken before about the complexities generated by the need
to keep courts both “open” and secure. Can you elaborate on this challenge?                         Computer Security
   Barrett: Our justice system is built on the premise of transparency. It is the primary           A computer education for physical secu-
governmental branch that affords an individual the right to openly confront witness, face           rity managers Security consultant Sean
accusers and literally observe all aspects of a trial with rare restrictions. However, this open-   Ahrens, CPP, CSC, details the computer
ness, as I have often stated, comes with significant challenges for the security professional.       issues that most commonly creep into
   This dichotomy can best been il
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