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									            THE FIRE SCENE                                                >>>

“Execution and Chemistry”
When We Win, Lives Are Saved and Communities Are Preserved

      ’m watching a football game, and                       operations. We are talking about crawl-        levels of experience, skill and ability. Each
      during a discussion between the for-                   ing down the hallway on the third floor        of these firefighters possesses skills that are
      mer players who are now announc-                       of an apartment house toward several           highly developed, skills that are moderate-
ers for the TV networks, one of them                         rooms burning through the door into the        ly developed and even some skills that are
says something about “execution and                          hallway. We are talking about arriving at a    not very developed at all. In a fire company
chemistry.” That caught my attention and                     construction site where three                               with four members, there may
I listened as he described how important                     workers are trapped in an ex-        Good                   be a firefighter that has great
those two elements are to the success of a                   cavation by collapsing walls of                             forcible entry skills compared
football team during a game. Execution                       dirt that are threatening the      training                 to the others and another fire-
and chemistry. As he was describing each                     responding firefighters.                                    fighter that excels at climbing
of these concepts, I was thinking about                           So what is execution?         is a vital               ladders and cutting roofs. The
how they are important to us in the fire                          Execution is not a single                              third firefighter may be en ex-
service as well; even more important                         event, but rather a culmina-      component                 pert hose and nozzle handler
because we are not playing for a trophy                      tion of several events. The first                           and the fourth member of the
– when we win, lives are saved and com-                      and most important part of          of good                 team may have a moderate lev-
munities are preserved.                                      execution is training. If you                               el of ability in all of these skills.
      So what is “execution and chemis-                      are not training regularly, you   operations.               This team has good chemistry.
try” and how does it fit into our organi-                    are not going to perform very                               It possesses a good mixture
zation and impact our team?                                  well at any type of operation. You need to     of skills and abilities and makes the team
      Let’s first talk about execution. To                   be more than familiar with all of the dif-     better able to perform a greater number of
execute is to perform or conduct an                          ferent tactics, evolutions and tools that      tactics at the scene of a fire or emergency.
evolution or tactic or complete an as-                       you may be called upon to use. More than            Another “chemistry” that exists
signment. We execute all the time in the                     familiar means you should be skilled and       within groups of fire companies, with the
fire service. 
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