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In addition, E-ONE has delivered an HP 78 aerial ladder to Jacobs FOSC Fire Protection at the Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, MS.

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                                                                                 researching other manufacturers and our own department’s needs, we felt
                                                                                 the reach of the ladder, the pump volume capabilities and many other fea-
                                                                                 tures of the HP 78 met our department’s challenging requirements.”

                                                                                 SPARTAN MOTORS CHASSIS INC., a subsidiary of Spartan Motors Inc., has
                                                                                 been honored as one of the federal government’s best suppliers, receiving
                                                                                 recognition for the quality and on-time delivery of its military parts ship-
                                                                                 ments. The Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) in Ohio teams with
                                                                                 more than 6,000 suppliers of land and maritime weapon systems parts and
                                                                                 manages 1.7 million different items used by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine
                                                                                 Corps, Coast Guard, foreign military and various civil agencies. The DSCC
                                                                                 compiles past-performance data, including quality of shipments and on-time
                                                                                 delivery, and assigns a score from zero to 100. Spartan Chassis was one of
                                                                                 only 83 companies to be honored, earning a Silver Medal Award, which rec-
FirePrograms has introduced “Sweet Dreams,” the first in the Child-              ognizes suppliers who earn a score of 99 to 99.99.
hood Dreams Series of commemorative pencil-drawn posters that                          “Reliability – making sure our products and services are of the highest
honor first responders’ commitment to service and the positive asso-             quality and inspire customer confidence – is one of the cornerstones of our
ciation that children instinctively make with America’s Bravest. The             company brand,” said John Sztykiel, president and CEO of Spartan Motors.
15½-by-21-inch poster, printed on heavyweight paper, is suitable for             “As evidenced by this award, the Spartan Parts Team has earned the con-
framing. Posters are available for $15 each, which includes postage in           fidence of their customer by providing high-quality parts in a timely and
the continental U.S. Orders may be placed by calling FirePrograms at             efficient manner. Our efforts contribute to making sure defense equipment
800-327-7638, extension 105.                                                     remains in theater protecting our military men and women.”
FERRARA FIRE APPARATUS INC. has been awarded a three-year con-                   FIVE STAR FIRE has added Donald McD. Chambers to its sales team. With
tract by the City of New York to manufacture FDNY’s new 100-foot rear-           30 years of marketing, advertising, sales and sales management experi-
mount aerials. With the initial purchase orders, Ferrara will provide 10         ence, he also has 20 years’ experience in the fire service, including 17
aerial apparatus. “This is obviously a significant contract for our company,”    years as a fire equipment specialist and 10 years as a fire instructor and
said Ferrara President and CEO Chris Ferrara, “not only because it’s New         consultant. Based in East Hartford, CT, Five Star Fire provides fire equip-
York City, but because it demonstrates the commitment to our core phi-           ment and apparatus sales and service to volunteer and municipal fire
losophy of building heavy-duty, highly customized fire apparatus.”               departments, as well as industrial and government agencies, in Connecti-
     Ferrara has supplied many specialty apparatus to FDNY over the past         cut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
eight years, beginning with the “Spirit of Louisiana” in 2001. Its other fire
trucks in service to FDNY include high-pressure pumpers, satellite pump-
ers, collapse rescues, decontamination trucks, medium-duty rescues and
Hazmat 1. The new apparatus are designed around the Ferrara LP-102,
a low-profile rear-mount aerial ladder. The trucks will be built on Ferrara
custom chassis, featuring a newly designed stainless-steel split tilt cab,
four-section rear-mount aerial ladder and stainless-steel body.
     Also, Ferrara reported that all painters employed at the factory have
been certified by DuPont under DuPont’s Top Gun Training Course. Ferrara
uses DuPont Imron for the exterior finish on all its chassis, cabs and bod-
ies. Ferrara painters underwent rigorous training in the proper methods of
surface preparation, primer application and top-coat application. All train-
ing was supervised by a DuPont instructor. The company established new
standard operating procedures for each of the Imron processes. Also, in
partnership with DuPont, Ferrara painters are working with all new equip-
ment, from mixing machines to spray guns and tips.

RAE SYSTEMS INC. has named William Jackson vice president of global
marketing, reporting to President and CEO Robert Chen. Most recently,
Jackson was vice president of product marketing at ARC International,
a supplier of semiconductor intellectual property. He has an MBA from
Boston University and a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineer-
ing from the University of Pittsburgh, and he holds three U.S. patents, with
several more pending.

E-ONE has been awarded a contract for 30 aircraft rescue and firefighting
(ARFF) and first responder units from the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).
RSAF ordered a variety of units, including Titan Force 6x6s, custom pump-
ers on CII chassis, mini-pumpers and small rescue vehicles.
     “The product diversity of the 30-unit order demonstrates the effective-
ness of E-ONE and our international dealers to reach and support global
markets,” said Sam Itani, vice president of global sales.
     Also, E-ONE has appointed Kemet Airport Suppliers as its new dealer
for Egypt. For more than 20 years, Kemet has supplied airport equipment
and ARFF vehicles to customers throughout its territory.
     In addition, E-ONE has delivered an HP 78 aerial ladder to Jacobs FOSC
Fire Protection at the Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, MS. With
three rocket engine test stands, multiple high-angle industrial structures,
and various hazardous materials on site, Jacobs protects more than 5,000
daytime visitors and employees. “Our department had a great need for the
various capabilities the HP 78 offers in respect to the unique fire protection
challenges at Stennis Space Center,” Jacobs Chief Clark Smith said. “After
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