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                                                                  MIDWEST                                   NORTHEAST
                                                                 CHICAGO, IL – DEC. 10: One
                                                                 CH                                         MERIDEN, CT – DEC. 1: A 22-year-old man suf-
                                                               woma was killed and 12 people were
                                                               woman                                         fered second-degree burns to his back when
                                                            injured, including five firefighters, at a       he tried to use a garden hose to extinguish a
                                                             five-ala overnight blaze in a 44-story
                                                               ve-alarm                                      fire in a detached garage.
                                                            condominium. About 300 firefight-
                                                         ers and a third of the city’s firefighting         HEMPSTEAD, NY – DEC. 2: A blaze caused by
                                                       equipment were used to bring the fire un-             an unattended candle lit by a woman whose
                                                        der control in two hours. Approximately              power had been shut off injured 12 people,
                                                         50 residents were rescued, including a              including a man who was critically injured
 WEST                                                    100-year-o
                                                         100-year-old woman.                                 after he dangled and fell from his sixth-floor
                                                                                                             window. More than 150 firefighters from a
 SANTA ANA, CA – DEC. 15: A community                GALESBURG, IL – DEC. 11: Officials were in-             dozen departments battled the blaze.
  center that sponsored poor children and             vestigating a fire that destroyed a single-fami-
  needy seniors for the holidays lost crates          ly home converted to a duplex and then used           JOHNSON CITY, NY – DEC. 12: Christmas
  of food and gifts as fire swept through its         as four apartments. The layout hampered                 lights were the suspected cause of a blaze that
  storage patio.                                      firefighting efforts. Witnesses reported seeing         severely damaged a two-story house.
 LAS VEGAS, NV – DEC. 28: The occupants of            someone running from the scene.
  a wood-frame single-story home had only                                                                   NORTHAMPTON, MA – DEC. 28: Two people
  lived there for a month when fire started in                                                               died in a house fire that authorities said was
  the exhaust fan in the rear bathroom and                                                                   among nearly a dozen blazes believed inten-
  caused an estimated $100,000 in damage.            SOUTH                                                   tionally set during a 90-minute period.

                                                     FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA – DEC. 21: A fire began           TO SUBMIT FIRE WIRE: Please send news clippings or
 SOUTHWEST                                             when combustibles too close to an operating        printouts within 14 days of the incident. Be sure to include the
                                                       burner on the cooktop ignited. One woman           city, state and date of the incident as well as when it appeared in
 HARRIS COUNTY, TX – DEC. 6: A hanger                  was hospitalized with minor injuries.              the news clipping.
  owner was burned in a two-alarm fire at                                                                                 Firehouse Magazine
  Hooks Airport that also destroyed planes.          CHARLOTTE, NC – DEC. 22: Damage was es-
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