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                                                                            Joel Gebet
THE CAMECO CORP. Emergency Response Team (ERT) in Port Hope,                              THE WICHITA FALLS, TX, FIRE DEPARTMENT has taken delivery of
Ontario, operates a Seagrave Marauder II apparatus outfitted with a                       a Ferrara Igniter HD-100 mid-mount aerial platform equipped with a Fer-
455-hp Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine, Allison EVS4000 transmission,                     rara EZ Stack aerial body, 515-hp Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine, 1,750-
3,000-gpm Hale 8FGR pump, 750-gallon tank and five-kilowatt Honda                         gpm Hale Qmax pump, 300-gallon UPF tank, twin Akron 1,000-gpm
generator. The facility produces uranium dioxide powder used to gener-                    monitors in the platform, six-kilowatt Onan generator, Bostrom SecureAll
ate electricity. Indicate 241 on the Reader Service Card.                                 SCBA seats, Safety Vision camera system, Fire Research 750-watt tele-
                                                                                          scopic lights and 150-watt brow light, Havis HID lights and Whelen Super
                                                                                          LED warning lights. Indicate 245 on the Reader Service Card.

delivery of a Pierce Velocity pumper outfitted with a 515-hp Detroit
Diesel engine, Hale Qmax pump, 1,000-gallon tank, Task Force Tips                        THE MANKATO, MN, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY has taken
deluge monitor, Husky 12 foam system, Control Zone pump panel, TAK-4                     delivery of a Crimson custom rescue pumper built on a Spartan Gladiator
independent front suspension, Side Roll Protection, Command Zone                         LFD chassis and powered by a 425-hp Cummins ISL engine. The apparatus
advanced electronics, Federal Signal LED warning lights and Gortite roll-                is equipped with a 1,250-gpm Waterous CSU pump, 500-gallon UPF poly
up doors. Indicate 242 on the Reader Service Card.                                       water tank, FoamPro 2002 foam system, two 25-gallon foam cells and a
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