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"The Buzz on Technical Rescue" is a monthly podcast that focuses on the different disciplines of technical rescue. The host, Rochester, NY, Special Operations Captain [Bob Duemmel], will talk with guests to update listeners on the latest news, incidents and buzz in the technical rescue field. To listen to these podcasts visit podcast/buzz-technical-rescue-bob-duemmel.

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									 THIS MONTH ON FIREHOUSE.COM                                                       >>>

                                                                   of the challenges they face,        will explain how commu-
                                                                   including those found on for-       nication is a two-way street
                                                                   eign deployments. LaFemina,         and offer some tips to help
                                                                   a veteran of many disasters,        create a positive work envi-
                                                                   shares his experiences from         ronment. The column also
                                                                   past incidents.                     looks at body language and
                                                                        Duemmel chatted with           how physical actions are also
                                                                   New Jersey Task Force 1 mem-        “heard” by those involved in
The Buzz on Technical            Haiti. Host Bob Duemmel           ber Michael Daley in the sec-       the conversation.
Rescue: USAR                     prepared two podcasts, based      ond podcast about the unit’s            See why Flatley says “Ef-
Response to Haiti                on the USAR deployments.          equipment cache. They discuss       fective leadership comes
    The latest podcast series,       In the first edition, Duem-   the myriad tools and equip-         from effective communica-
“The Buzz on Technical Res-      mel talked with New York          ment that crews will be using       tions” in his column, “The
cue,” rolled out on Radio@       Task Force 1’s Fred LaFemi-       for collapse, search and shor-      Journey: Leader’s Listen” on
Firehouse just as USAR teams     na about the background of        ing operations. Some interest- on Feb. 19.
were dispatched to assist in     USAR deployments and some         ing chat comes from the topics
                                                                   of maintenance and fueling          Share Your Favorite
                                                                   when located in such a remote
                                                                   area with limited resources.        Articles with Friends
                                                                        “The Buzz on Technical               Just one of the exciting
                                                                   Rescue” is a monthly podcast        features with the new version
                                                                   that focuses on the different       of is the ability
                                                                   disciplines of technical rescue.    for you to share your favorite
                                                                   The host, Rochester, NY, Spe-       articles and podcasts with just
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