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									             inform February 2010, Vol. 21 (2) 87

       (The fatty acid percentages were based on              In the study, researchers led by Nita      aging than reducing calories, a recent study
       dry weight of roe.)                               G. Forouhi of the Institute of Metabolic        suggests.
             “Results obtained in this work suggest      Science, Cambridge, UK, examined data                 The research may help explain why
       that further investigation is desirable in this   on almost 90,000 men and women from six         caloric restriction—reducing food intake
       field: e.g., the correlation between dietary      countries participating in the European Pro-    while maintaining sufficient quantities of
       fatty acid and fatty acid composition in roe      spective Investigation into Cancer and Nutri-   important nutrients—appears to have health
       from farmed fishes, the determination of          tion Study. Participants were followed for up   benefits. In many organisms, such as the fruit
       the lipid classes in the better EPA and DHA       to 10 years.                                    fly (Drosophila), mice, rats, and the rhesus
       sources . . . and their positional analysis to         Average fat intake ranged from 31.5%       monkey, these benefits include living longer.
       know how these PUFA are distributed into          to 36.5% of total calories. On average,         Evidence suggests that dietary restriction
       triacylglycerols and other lipid classes,” the    people gained about a quarter of a pound        can have health benefits for humans, too,
       authors write.                                    every year. But analyses that accounted
                                                                                                         though it is unclear whether it can increase
                                                         for several factors found no relationship
                                                         between how much weight people gained
       CLA and chick                                     and how much fat they ate, or their intake
                                                                                                               In their studies of fruit flies, researchers
                                                                                                         led by Richard C. Grandison of University
       embryo mortality
                                                         of polyunsaturated fats vs. saturated fats.
                                                              The researchers noted that the findings    College in London found that levels of the
                                                         should not be seen as showing that people       amino acid methionine were crucial to max-
       Studies have shown that gi
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