; Smooth Sailing With Aspect's PerformanceEdge
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Smooth Sailing With Aspect's PerformanceEdge


International Cruise & Excursions Inc (ICE) is a cruise and vacation club affiliated with the world's leading cruise lines, 650 luxury resorts and international tour and travel providers. ICE chose Aspect's PerformanceEdge solutions: Aspect eWorkforce Management with the Analyze II enhancement package, a pre-packaged performance management feature that provides a coaching form, dashboards and out-of-the-box KPIs. ICE installed Aspect eWorkforce Management/Analyze II in fall 2007. The increased efficiencies gained with PerformanceEdge enabled ICE to survive the economic downturn that rocked the travel and hospitality industry. In late 2008, the company made the conscious decision to operate an under-staffed contact center during 2009 to survive the economic uncertainties.

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									Smooth Sailing With Aspect's PerformanceEdge
Brenda Read
Customer Inter@ction Solutions; Jan 2010; 28, 8; Docstoc
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