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									                                       2010 CoNvENTIoN NEWS
                                                                        March 2–6, Chicago

                                                                                                n SS07 Using Your Degree for Diplomacy: Putting Advocacy Into Action

   Alexa Posny to Present                                                                       n SS11 Update on the Revision to the NASP Standards
                                                                                                n SS12 State Credentialing Point Person Training

   Keynote in chicago                                                                           n SS17 Promoting and Preserving School Psychology
                                                                                                n SS20 Essential Tools for Early Career School Psychologists

             ow! An already great convention lineup just                                        n SS22 Grassroots Advocacy to Promote Your School Psychological Agenda
             got better. NASP is excited to announce that                                       n SS23 Communication Matters: Preserving and Promoting Your Role in a Tough
             Alexa E. Posny, the newly appointed Assis-                                           Professional Climate
   tant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Education’s                                        n SS28 Disproportionality: Implications for Policy and Action
   Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Ser-                                          n SS29 National Public Policy Initiatives Supporting School Psychologists
   vices (OSERS), will be presenting a keynote address                                          n SS31 Homophobia and Bullying: An Update and Call to Advocacy
   at the Chicago convention. She will be joining Salome                                        n SY010 School Administrators as Key Team Members in Family/School Collabo-
   Thomas-EL on the program for the Opening General Session, Wednesday, March                     ration Initiatives
   3, 2010. Previously, Dr. Posny served as commissioner for education for the state            n SY028 Role of School Psychologists in a Community-Based School Readiness
   of Kansas and director of the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) for                  Initiative
   the U.S. Department of Education. As OSEP Director, she assisted state and local
   efforts to effectively educate all children and youth with disabilities, served as the      Consider making time in your busy convention schedule to add professional advo-
   primary communication link between OSEP and constituencies regarding the Ad-                cacy to your skills development and increase your ability to be effective in every-
   ministration’s priorities and initiatives, responded to constituency concerns and           thing else you do.
   needs, and provided leadership for development of national consensus on the is-
   sues facing special education.
       Other positions that Dr. Posny has held included the deputy commissioner of
   education with KSDE, assistant commissioner for learning services, state director           American Red cross training in chicago
   of special education, director of special education for the Shawnee Mission School                he National Association of School Psychologists is actively engaged in the
   District, director of the curriculum and instruction specialty option as part of the              American Red Cross disaster mental health partners efforts to increase capac-
   Title I Technical Assistance Center (TAC) network of TACs across the United                       ity to respond to community, regional, and national disasters. Many school
   States, and a senior research associate at Research and Training Associates in Over-        psychologists have the necessary professional training and orientation needed to
   land Park, KS.                                                                              become disaster mental health volunteers for the American Red Cross and to extend
       Throughout her career, Dr. Posny has been heavily involved in program, policy,          their support to local communities. Specific Red Cross training is required.
   and compliance issues at the district, state, and federal levels. She also has been a           The NASP convention will provide an important training opportunity for school
   teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and remains a teacher today,      psychologists interested in becoming Red Cross disaster mental health volun-
   serving as adjunct faculty with the University of Kansas. Dr. Posny is widely recog-        teers on Tuesday, March 2, 2010, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (SS06) Red Cross Training:
   nized as a visionary who sees the potential of response to intervention and other           Foundations of Disaster Mental Health will be offered free of charge to convention
   initiatives deriving from special education to inform school improvement efforts            attendees by Red Cross disaster mental trainer Rebecca Streifler, LCSW, director of
   across both special and general education. In this regard, she has been a tireless and      health and international services, American Red Cross Chicago Chapter. In order
   effective advocate on behalf of the principles of early intervening, ensuring effective     to become credentialed disaster mental health volunteers, participants may need
   teachers and student supports, providing visionary leaders, and designing schools           to complete some essential Red Cross disaster response courses, available through
   that will enable all students to be successful in a 21st century world. She also has been   their local chapters. This course represents an important focus for school psychol-
   a long-time supporter of school psychologists’ role in serving children with special        ogists who can offer critical support to communities affected by disaster, essential
   needs and promises to be an outstanding addition to our convention program.                 to the recovery process.
                                                                                                   This is an excellent opportunity to get the required training with fellow school
                                                                                               psychologists. For information on what becoming and being a disaster mental

  Add Professional Advocacy to                                                                 health volunteer entails, visit

  Your List of critical skills                                                                     Please note: Registration is required in order to participate in this special ses-
                                                                                               sion, even though it is free, e-mail Gina Carlton at

         chool psychologists are advocates by training. Child advocacy is a central prin-          We hope to see you there!
         cipal of and primary responsibility for school psychologists, just as advocating
         for ethical behavior is a cornerstone of professional practice. Advocating for
   your role as a professional uniquely equipped to assess the needs of students and
   schools and understanding how to address those needs is also vitally important.             Maximize Your convention time with
   This is true whether it’s in your daily work with parents and teachers, interactions
   with district administrators, community outreach, or efforts to shape policy. To-           Your online Personal Planner
   day’s tough economic climate, changes in education priorities and policies, the up-                our convention registration fee includes admission to the keynote addresses,
   coming reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA),                       all special and featured sessions, and nearly 1,000 reviewed presentations
   and the growing focus of other professions on school practice all make your ability                (mini-skills, papers, symposia, and posters). That is a lot of opportunity in
   to effectively “make your case” more important than ever.                                   just 5 days to improve your skills on topics as diverse as:
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