Gift Dilemma

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    Gift Dilemma
    How to handle a tricky situation with tact
    and not offend a generous member.
    By Theresa Witham

                    hat do you do when an            night out for as many who would like to              cards of any amount, the manager should
                    employee receives a gift         attend.                                              review. Once it is determined that there is no
                    from a member for a job            “If the restaurant does take out, order            quid pro quo, let the employee enjoy the benefit
                    well done, a present that        lunch in for the employee’s team.                    of rendering outstanding member service.”
    exceeds your credit union’s gift policy limit?     “Put it in the pile of gifts raffled off to          He added, “Most of us have policies that
    That question came up on CUES Net™, the          employees or members at the next big                 have been in place for years, back when $25
    members-only listserve recently.                 meeting.”                                            was worth $25. Perhaps it would be a good
      “An employee has received a $50 gift             And she added, “I think you need to recog-         idea to adjust that dollar amount to reflect
    certificate to a local restaurant from a         nize the employee in some way for being              today’s world.”
    member who appreciated the help and              honest and up front. Letting the employee’s
    service provided by our employee,”               team use it seems like a good thing.”
    wrote Brad Barber, president/CEO of $88                                                               KUDOS TO EMPLOYEE
    million/14,000-member Members First                                                                   More than one person responded that the
    Credit Union (,              STICK TO POLICY                                      employee deserved some recognition, both
    Brigham City, Utah. “The member is from          “Our take would be to follow the policy,”            for the good work done to help the member
    another state and the restaurant is not          wrote Marion McCaskey, president/CEO of              and for sticking to the CU’s policy.
    a chain, but a local eatery. Our internal        $40 million/6,000-member TMH Federal                   “I don’t know if there is a good answer
    employee policy prohibits employees from         Credit Union (, Tallahassee,          that will not offend the member. Obviously
    accepting personal gifts in excess of $25.       Fla. “Return it to the member with a warm            the member needs to be educated on such
    The employee understands the policy and          letter of explanation. This happens from time        a policy so this doesn’t occur year after
    has approached management asking what to         to time and if you make an exception … well,         year,” stated Tammy Allender, CEO of
    do with the certificate. Giving it back means    you know what that means.”                        
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