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									IT budgets

        o single market can claim immu-     history, the IT security industry pulled         “Overall, the portion of the IT opera-
        nity from the global financial       through relatively unscathed, according       tional budget devoted to security has
        meltdown that has crippled the      to experts. In some verticals, the space      risen by about five percent since 2007,”
United States in a way not seen since the   actually has flourished. So, it is no won-     says David Foote, CEO, Foote Partners,
Great Depression.                           der that security professionals are looking   an IT research firm. “Companies have
   But there are exceptions to rules –      at 2010 with optimistic eyes.                 finally gotten a little more religion about
at least partial ones – and few would          “We’ve haven’t seen a major impact on      the fact that security is a threat to their
dispute that given the sophisticated        security programs,” says John Pescatore,      product brand. It’s costing companies a
threat landscape and ongoing compliance     Gartner VP and research fellow. “I’m not      lot more when there are breaches.”
demands, IT security is being seen as a     seeing that the economy caused drastic           It would be foolish, however, to
business essential.                         budget cuts.”                                 consider 2009 an across-the-board suc-
   Some 17 months removed from the             This is attributable to the growing        cess. After all, IT budgets have fallen
Lehman Bros. collapse, which marked         recognition that robust IT security can       on average of about three percent, year
the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S.        offer mitigation.                             over year.

                                                                                                                                        Barton Stabler
Considering the economic climate, 2009 was not terribly gloomy for
the IT security space, and 2010 looks even better, reports Dan Kaplan.

30 SC • February 2010 • www.scmagazineus.com
   For instance, through conversations             Admittedly, though, some markets are      analysis firm. That is because agencies
with his clients, Pescatore has observed        doing better than others. For example,       are waking up to the fact that foreign
a number of occasions when organiza-            2009 served as a wake-up call for the        adversaries, possibly government-
tions de
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