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									                                                                                                                                                                   InformationToday             23
                                                                                                                                                              February 2010

space for up to 7 million items from the         widely available, the MOU also proposes
U.K. national collection. The material will
comprise low-use items that are currently
                                                 that the BBC and the BL collaborate to
                                                 develop viable approaches on important
stored across London. Highly automated           issues, such as rights management, dis-           Trailblazing
facilities will enable researchers at the St.    tribution of archive content, digitization,
Pancras, London, headquarters to obtain          and storage.
requested items within 48 hours.                    “The BBC and the British Library share         DDB announcement
   “Although the majority of the Library’s       many of the same purposes—to guarantee  
collections are held at St. Pancras, we are      public access to content in an open realm,        2009-12-02-bkm-deutsche-digitalebibliothek.html
continuing to develop Boston Spa as a long-      creating a space where people can debate
term storage facility and recently secured       and exchange ideas and experiences,” ac-          Australian government—
funding for a planned Newspaper Storage          cording to Thompson.                              Filtering proposals and links to Enex Testlab Report
Building at the site,” reports Steve Morris,        “Through this MOU we aim to create   
director of finance and corporate services.      a model of best practice which will allow
“We await a planning decision from Leeds         the Library to develop similar opportu-
City Council later this month, but hope to       nities with other public institutions,”        follow a trial of internet filtering and ex-   question the value of the trial pilot that
be able to construct a facility that will pro-   says Brindley. “Providing unparalleled         tensive industry feedback about the most       was managed by Enex Testlab, an inde-
vide a permanent home for the national           access to joint information services and       appropriate way to improve safety online.      pendent testing laboratory. Critics from
newspaper collection—probably the world’s        world-class digital archival content will          “The Government has always main-           both sides of the argument claim that fil-
finest collection of its kind.”                  truly enable the business, academic, sci-      tained there is no silver bullet solution      tering could result in overblocking (re-
                                                 entific, research and creative communi-        to cyber-safety,” says Conroy. “That is        jecting acceptable sites) or underblocking
                                                 ties to flourish.”                             why we have established a comprehen-           (circumvention of the filter by the tech-
BBC and BL Collaborate                                                                          sive range of cyber-safety measures, in-       nically savvy causing a failure to filter
   In other news concerning the BL an-           Australia to                                   cluding funding for 91 additional online       out unacceptable sites). Conroy intends
nounced in December, the BL and the BBC                                                         Australian Federal Police officers and ed-     to work on the legislation before the next
will work together to develop new ways of        Censor the Internet                            ucation.” He added, “Through a combi-          Australian election that must be held on
integrating access to the BL collection and         In a move more reminiscent of activi-       nation of additional resources for educa-      or before mid-April 2011.
BBC TV and radio content to benefit re-          ties in China, the Australian government       tion and awareness, mandatory internet
searchers and the public. BL’s CEO Lynne         has caused a stir by proposing to filter       filtering of RC-rated content, and op-
Brindley and BBC director-general Mark           sites on the internet. Stephen Conroy, the     tional ISP-level filtering, we have a pack-       Jim Ashling runs Ashling Consulting,
Thompson signed a Memorandum of Un-              communications minister, plans to intro-       age that balances safety for families and      an independent consultancy for the infor-
derstanding (MOU) in December.                   duce new laws that would ban access to         the benefits of the digital revolution.”       mation industry. His email address is jash-
   Apart from working to make the con-           “refused classification” sites such as those       The move is opposed by companies, Send your comments about
tent and assets of both organizations more       featuring criminal content. The proposals      lobby groups, and various politicians who      this article to

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