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									                                                                                                                                                                    InformationToday             15
                                                                                                                                                               February 2010

                                                                                                                                               create policies, the NIH has clarified the
      Focus on Publishing                                                                                                                      four approaches that publishers and/or
                                                                                                                                               authors needed to follow in order to com-

Open Government = Open Access?                                                                                                                 ply with the policy.
                                                                                                                                                   Clearly the process, and the philosophy,
                                                                                                                                               underpinning these actions comes from the
by ROBIN PEEK   |                               cies would be good candidates to adopt discipline, funding to develop archival ca-             commitment of the Obama administration
                                                these policies, as well as the maximum pabilities, and research funding mecha-                 to an open government that is centered

         oon after taking office in January     length of time between publication and nisms.” Increasing public access to articles            on three core values. The first is “trans-
         2009, President Obama instructed       “public release.”                              and data from federally funded research         parency,” which is defined as providing “cit-
         the Office of Management and               Not surprisingly, the Office                         may enhance America’s return          izens with information about what their
Budget to issue an Open Government Di-          of Science and Technology Pol-                           on its research investment in a       government is doing so that government
rective. The directive, which was “in-          icy (OSTP is within the Office                           number of ways, including mak-        can be held accountable.” While PubMed
formed by recommendations” from the             of the President) has used the                           ing access to scholarly publica-      Central has definitely increased the public
newly created position of Federal Chief         model adopted by the National                            tions more timely, simpler, and       knowledge of how health science research
Technology Officer, directed executive de-      Institutes of Health (NIH),                              cheaper for scientists, according     is funded, there is no public equivalent to
partments and agencies “to take specific        which requires that all inves-                           to OSTP, adding that this could       the physical sciences or any other form
actions to implement the principles of          tigators submit an electronic                            also promote further advances         of publicly funded research. The Federal
transparency, participation, and collabo-       version of their final peer-re-                          in science and technology.            Research Public Access Act bill that U.S.
ration set forth in the President’s Mem-        viewed manuscript no later                                  There is great irony in that       Senators John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Joe
                                                                                        Robin Peek
orandum.” Last December, the White              than 12 months after the offi-                           the Bush administration had           Lieberman, I-Conn., reintroduced in June
House began seeking comments on plans           cial date of publication.                      attempted to stall this mandate when it         calls every federal department and agency
to make federally funded research avail-            “The NIH model has a variety of fea- was bundled into the Omnibus budget                   with an annual extramural research budget
able for public access.                         tures that can be evaluated, and there are bill that was passed in December 2008               of $100 million or more to make its research
    Through a notice in the Federal Reg-        other ways to offer the public enhanced ac- because of intense lobbying from the pub-          available to the public within 6 months of
ister, the White House laid out a 1-month,      cess to peer-reviewed scholarly publica- lishing industry. But it did pass, and the            publication. I believe that the $100 mil-
three-stage request for information, which      tions,” the OSTP reported in the request mandate was formalized as a permanent                 lion budget will be the minimal threshold
closed at the end of January 2010. Dur-         for information. “The best models may [be] policy under the Obama administration.              that will emerge from these discussions.
ing the first phase, Implementation, com-       influenced by agency mission, the culture Even though some sectors of the schol-
ments focused upon which federal agen-          and rate of scientific development of the arly publishing industry were sluggish to                                (continued on page 16)

       Internet Waves                                                                                 Legal Issues

Falling in Love With  The FTC Looks at the News
                                                                                                by GEORGE H. PIKE   |                          News Aggregators
Technology Once Again
                                                                                                         he internet has made me a news           In addition to the economic challenges,
                                                                                                         junkie. Before the web, I would news-aggregating services have also trig-
by SHIRLEY DUGLIN KENNEDY   |                         My lust for technology has waned over              read the local paper and maybe gered a number of legal challenges. As
                                                  the past few years. I’ve written in my IT     watch the news at 11 before The Late many lawsuits were ultimately settled,

          ou can call me jaded or call me column before about “technology meno-                 Show With David Letterman, but that these legal issues remain unresolved.
          cynical, but I never imagined pause,” and that’s still a pretty good way              was about it.                                These legal and economic challenges were
          that I was capable of falling in to describe it. I no longer need to rush                 Now, I have a page with the subject of a recent workshop held by
love with technology again.                                  out and replace an electronic      feeds from AP, Reuters, The New York the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on
    Been there, done that for                                device as soon as the newest       Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, the news media in the internet age.
many, many years. I bought                                   model becomes available. I no      ESPN
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