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									                                                                                                    environmental matters

CANADA                                                                  parties at COP15 to take into account the IPCC recommenda-
SFK Pulp increasing green energy output in Quebec                       tions and include them in its conclusions towards an interna-
By winning the tender call issued by Hydro-Quebec for the purchase      tional climate change agreement.
of power co-generated by biomass, SFK Pulp Fund will be increasing
its green energy production capacity at the Saint-Felicien mill         FINLAND
from 33 to 42.5 MW/yr or nearly 30%. Because the mill is already        Stora Enso signs United Nations CEO Water
self-sufficient in terms of electrical power, this additional 9.5       Mandate
MW of power generation will be entirely sold to Hydro-Quebec            Stora Enso has signed the United Nations Global Compact CEO Water
Distribution.                                                           Mandate, making Stora Enso the first paper and packaging company
                                                                        to endorse this initiative. The CEO Water Mandate is an initiative that
Cascades’ kraft papers now FSC certified                                encourages businesses and industry to create and realize sustainable
Cascades East Angus has recently received the FSC certifica-            water strategies.
tion from the Forest Stewardship Council for the majority of
its unbleached kraft paper products. Both the FSC Recycled              CEPI selects Shiro Echo paper by Favini for its sus-
and FSC Mixed Sources certifications have been granted to               tainability report
the different kraft grades aimed at the conversion of indus-            CEPI has printed its fourth Sustainability Report on Shiro Echo,
trial and food packaging, as well as building materials and             a paper made with recycled pulps and certified FSC mixed
envelopes.                                                              sources, part of Favini’s breakthrough range of environmentally
                                                                        friendly papers. CEPI’s new Sustainability Report highlights
C O S TA R I C A                                                        the sustainability performance of the European paper industry
ÅF and EARTH University team up for banana paper                        which, for example, has reduced emissions of CO2 by 42% per
project                                                                 tonne since 1990.
In December, EARTH University and ÅF agreed upon the joint efforts
in optimizing the University’s own paper machine for banana paper       U N I T E D S TAT E S
production at the University gro
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