Provide for Patrons' Current and Future Needs

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                            APIs:What’s Hype, and What’s Reality?                          Provide for Patrons’
                             ALA recently published Opening Up Library Systems             Current and Future Needs
                          Through Web Services and SOA: Hype, or Reality?                     Facet Pub-
                          (ISBN: 978-0-8389-5806-3, 42 pp., $43) by Marshall               lishing now
                          Breeding. Libraries are looking to optimize their LISs           offers How
                          using APIs, web services, and other technologies. This           to Give Your
                          issue of Library Technology Reports explores the ways            Users the LIS
                          vendors are using these devices to handle their cus-             Services They
                          tomer’s desire for customization. It also explores trends        Want (ISBN:
    toward APIs, web services, and service-oriented architecture (SOA). Topics in-         978-1-85604-
    clude why libraries should care about APIs, basic concepts of APIs, case stud-         672-5, 208 pp.,
    ies of vendors and products, and API hype versus reality.                              £39.95 [about
       Source: American Library Association (                                  $66.17]) by
                                                                                           Sheila Pantry and Peter Griffiths.
    New Info on Academic Libraries From Woodhead                                           This book goes back to the basics and
                                                                                           covers topics such as defining your
                              Woodhead Publishing released Web Project Management
                                                                                           users, determining the predictability
                          for Academic Libraries (ISBN: 978-1-84334-503-9, 200 pp.,
                                                                                           of user behavior and needs, helping
                          $85) by Jody Condit Fagan and Jennifer A. Keach. This col-
                                                                                           LIS professionals manage and train
                          lection of practical, real-world solutions outlines best prac-
                                                                                           users, and tracking electronic and so-
                          tices for managing successful projects related to the acad-
                                                                                           cial networking to help predict users’
                          emic library website. It will help web project managers
                                                                                           future needs. Analyzing patron be-
                          plan, engage stakeholders, and lead organizations through
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