CLIR Nets $1.4 Million Grant

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					                                                                                               COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES
                                                                                                                    news desk

BEACON Project to Unite Iowa Libraries
   More than 70 Iowa public and school libraries are collabo-                Ask a Librarian
rating on the BEACON project, a statewide consortium that
will provide automated cataloging, circulation, and database                             Ask a Librarian is a monthly
management services to member libraries.                                              feature where librarians have a
   BEACON is being undertaken by the North Iowa Libraries                             chance to comment on Com-
Collaborating Board and will use the Library•Solution service                         puters in Libraries’ topic of the
from The Library Corp. as its base. The servers will be housed                        month. In this installment,
                                                                    Paula Webb
in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and managed by the Prairie Lakes Area                            Paula Webb, government docu-
Education Agency in Pocahontas, Iowa, in order to eliminate         ments manager at the University of South Al-
the need for smaller libraries to retain their own technicians.     abama, identifies some potential areas of growth
   The project’s first phase went live in mid-August, and BEA-      in search technology. The following has been
CON should be fully operational by late fall 2010.                  edited for style and length.

                                                                    Q: What advances in search technology and
                                                                    OPACs are you looking forward to in 2010?
CLIR Nets $1.4 Million Grant
  The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)           A:   In the year 2010, I am looking forward to
has received a $1.4 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon         standardization with search technology and
Foundation, beginning in January 2010.                              OPACs. General search technology has devel-
  The information preservation nonprofit will collect the grant     oped dramatically over the past few years. I see
money for 21 months in support of its general operations.           one consistent problem among all of the search
                                                                    engines for smartphones, startups, and OPACs;
                                                                    they each have a learning curve. The patron or
LYRASIS,Virginia Libraries                                          librarian wastes important research time learn-
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