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									12   Canadian Mennonite January 25, 2010

                recognized borders.                                             I will say, however, that the final remarks of the Jew
                   If it does, then it is the height of hypocrisy for such   is correct for the most part, except for the sad com-
                a view to be held by European descendants living in          ment that the one-state solution will not come to be.
                North America. The history of Israel’s wrongs against        Fact of the matter is, a two-state solution will never be
                the Palestinian people is parallelled by the history         a viable solution either.
                of violence, oppression and mistreatment commit-                If Israel is going to exemplify the qualities of a true
                ted by the governments of both Canada and the U.S.           democracy, it will need to embrace diversity within its
                against the indigenous populations of their respective       population. The 1.5 million Palestinians on the West
                countries.                                                   Bank and in Gaza are actually living in a prison state,
                   Would MCC even think, much less state out loud,           exemplified by the restricted mobility of its citizens
                that the sovereignty and existence of these two nations      and the badly destroyed infrastructure.
                be called into question as an essential part of seeking         Furthermore, the Palestinians within Israel have
                peace with justice for the indigenous populations of         limited citizenship rights. The settlements on the West
                North America? Of course not.                                Bank on “occupied territories” are judged to be illegal
                   So why do so regarding Israel? Seitz says that MCC        by the international community. The Israeli govern-
                seeks “justice for all, Palestinians and Israelis alike.”    ments over the years have repeatedly ignored every
                Yet, it makes no more sense to think that the loss of        UN resolution against it, except the first one that
                home, land and citizenship for Israelis can possibly         recognized Israel as a state. The wall Israel has built
                be part of a just peace with the Palestinians any more       will never last and is an embarrassment in every way.
                than to think that security for the state of Israel can be      The solution will be very difficult to be sure. I will
                sustained on the denial of home, land and citizenship        offer a Christian faith answer. It will require a divine
                to Palestinians.                                             miracle.
                   An Israeli state and a Palestinian state—co-existing         The Palestinians will need to accept the fact that
                side-by-side in mutual security, engaging in mutually        their land was stolen, just as Canadian aboriginals had
                beneficial exchange—seems to me a possible and               to also accept this fact about the European invasion.
                promising way of achieving the prophet Micah’s vision        “Right of return” must be available for both groups.
                of peace: everyone sitting under his own vine and fig
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