The 'cult of celebrity' is un-Mennonite by ProQuest


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									10   Canadian Mennonite January 25, 2010

                 E Two-state solution may achieve                             was the comment by Ken Seitz, former MCC rep-
                 Micah’s vision of peace                                      resentative in Lebanon, that MCC does not see the
                                                                              continued existence of the nation of Israel (“the Jewish
                 While visiting Canada recently, I read with                  state,” he calls it) as an essential part of its vision of
                 interest the series of editorials and letters in response    peace in the Holy Land (“Walking the talk,” Oct. 5,
                 to allegations that Mennonite Central Committee              page 2).
                 (MCC) maintains an “anti-Israeli” position with re-            Seitz is implying, I take it, that MCC is not commit-
                 spect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.                   ted to a “two-state solution” that would recognize and
                   What particularly caught my attention in this debate       protect Israeli sovereignty, while granting Palestinians

                                 New Order Voice

      The ‘cult of celebrity’ is                                                                As Mennonites, we know that each

                                                                                             member of the community is valued:
                                                                                             the preacher and teacher sit next to the
                                                                                             cook and the caregiver, and they discern
                                                                                             together. At best, we listen to and elevate
                                        Aiden Enns                                           the needs of the weaker brother or sister.
                                                                                             This is profoundly countercultural and

        his week, in my work as a magazine me to co-write this column for Canadian why I’m keen on being Mennonite.
        editor, a writer rejected my invita-   Mennonite and to edit a magazine with            But in our communities (in church
        tion to write, citing reasons of not   the tagline, “Holy mischief in an age of      circles and beyond) we still fall prey to
 wanting to be a “somebody.”                   fast faith.”                                  the cult of celebrity and give inordinate
    This person, I’ll call her Angel, said she    In some people’s eyes this makes me        attention and power to some over others.
 had problems with famous people, how          a “somebody.” I blame this upon our cul- This is the time for caring confronta-
 we treat them, and what it does to our       
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