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Commitment to Pave by ProQuest


* Get your own asphalt plant if you can afford it in your future. "It is cheaper to produce your own asphalt than to get it from a supplier," [Scott Claud] says. "The more you produce, the more money saved."

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Management                                                                                               By Gini McKain

Commitment to Pave
Virginia’s Colony Construction produces eight years of 30% growth by pursuing
bigger jobs, maintaining job quality, and relying on the right equipment

          olony Construction Inc.
          of Powhatan, VA, is in
          the enviable position of
growing about 30% every year
for the past eight years. This pro-
gression is due to a strong com-
mitment to quality paving work
and a determined commitment
to become more profitable – all
the while maintaining commit-
ments from its early years to fol-
low safety, quality, and service as
its guiding principals.
    “We had a residential customer
base when my father-in-law, Earl
Pryor, started and had the com-
pany from 1989 to about 2003
when he retired along with his
wife, Carol,” says Scott Claud,
president. “Due to his company’s
growth, I came on board in 2000
to help with the operations along
with my wife, Kathy.”                    nesses or light industrial projects,”     Shift to Larger Jobs
    At the time Colony had a PF-150      Claud says. “We also did earthwork        “It was during those ensuing years
Blaw-Knox paver, soon adding a           construction, which is how the com-       that we made another commitment to
PF-161 in 1999, which the contractor     pany started. Paul Wright was the         get larger, maintain our quality work
still uses today.                        first employee and still works with us.   that established our reputation, and go
    “Our work consisted of residential   Harry King was Earl’s right hand man      into commercial work in a bigger way,
driveways and small commercial busi-     and is now vice-president.                as in commercial work and Virginia
                                                                                   DOT projects only,” he says.
                                                    Colony Construction knew          So how does the mid-size asphalt
                                                        that when they shifted     contractor today succeed in keeping
                                                      focus from residential to
                                                    commercial and state DOT       up that growth? “It is through a lot of
                                                    work they needed to buy a      hard work with good people, a whole
                                                                  larger paver.    lot of commitment, preparation to
                                                                                   that commitment, and a foundation
                                                                                   of quality equipment.” He adds that
                                                                                   this was done through a banking tur-
                                                                                   moil and even an escalation in liquid
                                                                                   asphalt prices.
                                                                                      “When we made the commitment to
                                                                                   go only commercial and then munici-
                                                                                   pal and government work, we knew we
                                                                                   needed a bigger machine,” Claud says.
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