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Contractor Profile                                                                                         By Allan Heydorn

The Eosso Brothers’ Experience
New Jersey contractor proves there’s more to
getting the job done than working on pavement

         osso Brothers Paving begins its
         18th year in business this year,
         and the three brothers that run
the operation have a unique outlook
on providing construction work.
   “We have built a reputation over the
years for our honesty and dedication to
the industry and work hard to educate
our customers,” says Tom Eosso, vice
president. “And we hear all the time
from managers about the bad experi-
ences they have had with other paving
contractors and how easy it is to deal
with Eosso Brothers.
   “Our goal is to give our customers a
great experience.”
   And that “experience” involves more
than doing a quality job in a timely
manner – especially considering the         Eosso Brothers Paving specializes in creating pavement management plans to help
customer market Eosso Brothers pur-         extend the life of the “communities” that are their primary customer.
sues: homeowners associations.
   “Working in condo, retirement, and         But over the years Eosso Brothers       current three principles in the compa-
town home communities is difficult,”        Paving has learned how to handle that.    ny, specialized in excavating and pre-
Tom says. “We are working with a                                                      paring communities for a single build-
lot of people, there are people watch-      An Unbeatable Team                        er. The three Eosso brothers – Tom,
ing us through their windows. And it’s      Eosso Brothers Paving has been in         Gary, and Anthony – began working
an inconvenience to people who have         business officially since 1992, but it    with their dad before they were teenag-
to be out of their court for a 24 hour      actually started 30 years before that     ers, and along the way he taught them
period.”                                    when Anthony Eosso, father of the         the business. By the time they turned
                                                                                      17 they were all, by their own admis-
Tom Eosso (right) says he’s the one with the business mind, while                     sion, “excellent” operators.
Anthony (left) and Gary (center) are experts in the field.                                But then came the late 1980s and
                                                                                      recession hit.
                                                                                          “He had all his eggs in one basket,
                                                                                      working with the same builder,” Tom
                                                                                      Eosso says. “Work came to a halt,
                                                                                      and his business was devastated. His
                                                                                      company went out of business, and
                                                                                      Gary and I went to work for other
                                                                                          But one of the things about families
                                                                                      is they often like to spend time togeth-
                                                                                      er, and by 1992 the three brothers
                                                                                      began talking about getting into the
                                                                                      paving sealcoating business. “We want-

14      January 2010 • PAVEMENT •

Contractor Profile

                                                                        Tom Eosso says the      A Paving and
                                                                        company added           Sealcoating Focus
                                                                        a four-person
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