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Adding Value: Specialty Finishing - PDF


Concord Litho was breaking new ground and pushing the limits of what could be done in-line on the webs even way-back then...

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									                                                                                                         MONDAY, January 4, 2010 • $2.00

                                                                                        Adding Value:
                                                                   Specialty Finishing
                                                                                By Debora Toth
                                                                                What if you could finish a job with an exotic accordion
                                                                                fold? Or produce a special scratch ‘n sniff scent? What
                                                                                about a morphing lenticular image? In today’s com-
                                                                                petitive environment, firms are seeking to differentiate
                                                                                themselves from their peers. Printers are no exception.

                                                                                “Printing is becoming a commodity, and printers need
                                                                                a special angle to differentiate themselves from every-
                                                                                one else,” said Greg Morhardt, sales manager, Rochelle
                                                                                Printing, Ill. “If you can capture a part of the market that
                                                                                no one else has and do it well, you’ll stand out.”

                                                                                Dan Maurer, vice president, postpress product man-
                                                                                agement, Heidelberg USA, pointed to the economic
                                                                                downturn and resulting excess capacity as a reason for
                                                                                specialty finishing to emerge as a growth market. “Prices
                                                                                for standard products like booklets, folded pieces, books
                                                                                and mailers have dropped as printers and binderies
                                                                                compete for a smaller market and print buyers are under
                                                                                pressure to search for best prices,” he said. “This effect
                                                                                is compounded with the rise in Web-to-print providers
                                                                                making geographic proximity for these standard prod-
   Getting Tough with Your Customers                                            ucts less important than it was just a few years ago. At
                                                                                the same time, specialty finishing applications—such
  By Pamela Mortimer                    tough customer. In addition to          as die cutting, foil stamping and embossing, novelty
  Things are tough all over—tough       dealing with the issue at hand, a       folding, sample gluing and mailing applications—have
  economy, tough business and           difficult customer often raises an      emerged as a growth market.”
  often enough, tough customers. A      equally difficult question—what to
  tough customer can be someone         do about it. There could be many        Making a Scene
  who is highly demanding, sim-         different solutions depending on        In Rochelle Printing’s case, its specialty niche is its pat-
  ply impossible or even someone        the niche market, but overall there     ented CyberCene Flex-n-Tuck products. For the past five
  who seems like a great client until   are some standard ways in which         years, the company has been marketing these products
  it comes time to pay the bill for     companies can successfully deal         to help its customers add visual impact to point-of-
  services rendered. At one point or    with tough customers, regardless        purchase materials, greeting cards, ceiling danglers,
  another, everyone in business is      of the circumstances. Regrettably       counter/case toppers, tents, signage, cartons and similar
  going to have to face at least one                      continued on page 8   items. With the standard CyberCene, 2D promotional
                                                                                                                                    continued on page 6

Inside:   ■   Plan for the End of the Recession             ■   Packaging 101         ■   Evaluate Your Environment

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                                                              Specialty Finishing                                                    lawn, to Peel-n-Reveal devices. The firm was the first testing site
                                                              continued from page 1                                                  for Scentisphere microencapsulated scented varnishes more than
                                                                                                                                     five years ago. Scentisphere is the exclusive North American
                                                              images are printed on clear rigid polyester and are then mounted       distributor of these varnishes, which are made by Flint Ink in con-
                                                              on a die cut, folded, 18 point frame to create a multi-dimensional,    junction with Scentisphere using a new, patented microencapsula-
                                                              almost 3D-looking, free-standing display.              
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