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									 I N N O VA T I O N S

                                                                                     Climate Control
                                                                                     Zoning System
                                                                                     The new Climate Control Zoning System from
                                                                                     Uponor uses the latest wireless technology for com-
                                                                                     plete radiant control in every room of a home. The Climate Control Zoning System starter
                                                                                     kit comes with one radio-controlled module (the base unit), an interface module, an exter-
                                                                                     nal and removable antenna, connection cables, mounting accessories, installation instruc-
                                                                                     tions and a user manual. Circle 12

              Norwood Series
              3070-CR                                                                                                           Clean Face Power Vent
              Fleetwood Windows and Doors
              offers its Norwood Series 3070-CR                                                                                 Termination
              multislide/pocketing door system to                                                                               Town & Country Fireplaces has unveiled its new
              create large openings. The door sys-                                                                              Clean Face Power Vent Termination for the gas
              tem’s polyurethane bridge between                                                                                 fireplace market. Fitting within a 14 3/8" x 14 3/8"
              the aluminum frame and glass panel                                                                                wall opening and sitting flush with the outside
              restricts thermal conductivity and pro-                                                                           wall, the Clean Face Power Vent Termination can
              vides energy efficiency and comfort.                                                                              be painted any color to match the outside exterior
              Circle 11                                                                                                         and blend into the outside wall. Circle 13

                                                          Profile Smart                                    Home Pools
                                                          The Profile Smart from                           SwimEx offers two
                                                          Caroma features an integrated        
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