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									                                                                                                                 Vol. 34, No. 1
                                                                                                                 January 2010

World Christian Information: Public
Freeway or Private Toll Road?
    “T        he assiduity of Mr. Edwards in exploring so many
              sources of knowledge, enabled him to impart various
instruction in a chaste, elegant style” (p. 25). So reads Edwards A.    On Page
Park’s tribute to Bela Bates Edwards (1802–52) given in June 1852          3 From “the poor heathen” to “the glory and
and reprinted in the October 1852 issue of Bibliotheca Sacra. Among          honour of all nations”: Vocabularies of Race
Edwards’s several                                                            and Custom in Protestant Missions, 1844–1928
publications was his                                                         Brian Stanley
431-page tome The
                                                                           6 Noteworthy
missionary gazetteer;
comprising a geographi-                                                   12 The Making of the Atlas of Global Christianity
cal and statistical ac-                                                      Todd M. Johnson and Kenneth R. Ross
count of the various                                                      18 World Religion Database: Detail Beyond Belief!
stations of the American                                                     Peter Brierley
and foreign Protestant                                                    20 World Religion Database: Realities and
missionary societies of                                                      Concerns
all denominations, with                                                      Siga Arles
their progress in evange-                                                 21 World Religion Database: Impressive—but
lization and civilization,                                                   Improvable
illustrated by engrav-                                                       Robert D. Woodberry
ings (Boston: William
                                                                          23 The Legacy of Thaddeus Yang
Hyde, 1832).
                                                                             David J. Endres
      This gazetteer
relied heavily on sev-                                                    28 Celebrating Edinburgh 1910’s Centenary
eral earlier compen-                                                      29 Christianity 2010: A View from the New Atlas
dia that were them-                                                          of Global Christianity
selves influenced by                                                         Todd M. Johnson, David B. Barrett, and Peter F.
a pioneering work                                                            Crossing
by Hannah Adams                                                           37 My Pilgrimage in Mission
(1755–1831): An alpha-                                                       W. Harold Fuller
betical compendium of                                                     42 Lesslie Newbigin’s Missionary Encounter with
the various sects which                                                      the Enlightenment, 1975–98
have appeared in the                                                         Timothy Yates
world from the beginning of the Christian aera to the present day.
                                                                          46 My Pilgrimage in Mission
With an appendix, containing a brief account of the different schemes
                                                                             Edward L. Cleary
of religion now embraced among mankind. The whole collected from the
best authors, ancient and modern (Boston, 1784). The appendixes           50 Book Reviews
of the third American edition (1801) included “An Outline of              62 Dissertation Notices
                                                  Continued next page     64 Book Notes
Missionary Geography; or, a brief sketch of the state of religion                   org/wcd), is not discussed in this issue. For the other, the World
throughout the world, with the means now using for its revival                      Religion Database (
and propagation; and the present state of population in the dif-  
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