It's a Wonderful Journey

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                                               It’s a Wonderful Journey
                                               By Medhat A. Ghani Abdullah, CMA

                                               “I      t’s a wonderful journey” is how I’d
                                                       like to start my story about the CMA.
                                               No matter how hard it was to achieve the
                                                                                                 passing the CMA exam first.
                                                                                                    I was motivated to get the Certified Man-
                                                                                                 agement Accountant designation as a result
                                               Certified Management Accountant (CMA®)            of working with Ahmed Othman and
                                               designation, the outcome has been great. I        Haytham Ramadan, who often encouraged
                                               have learned many lessons on my journey in        me to achieve my goal.
                                               addition to increasing my knowledge and              Now I am a chief accountant at M.A.
                                               education: I have learned how to manage my        Kharafi & Sons in the “Swimming Pools Sec-
                                               time in the best way, to think positively, and    tor” of the company where I started as an
     Medhat A. Ghani
                                               to use my new skills in practice.                 accountant. The biggest contribution to my
     Abdullah, CMA, is a
                                                   I graduated from the faculty of com-          career from studying for and passing the
     chief accountant at
                                               merce at Cairo University in 2003 with a          CMA exam is two promotions that I got in a
     M.A. Kharafi & Sons
                                               B.S. degree in accounting. Since that time I      very short time period. I am also grateful for
     Company in Kuwait.
                                               have been hungry for additional knowledge,        the continuous appreciation of the owner,
     He is also a member of
                                               education, and experience. I searched for a       Marzouk Alkharafi, and our deputy general
     IMA’s Cairo Chapter.
                                               professional certificate in accounting, and I     director, Ossama Abdulkhalek. They have
     You can reach him at
Description: No matter how hard it was to achieve the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation, the outcome has been great. The author has learned many lessons on his journey in addition to increasing his knowledge and education: He has learned how to manage his time in the best way, to think positively, and to use his new skills in practice. He sets his goals and all his efforts on completing the exam. The knowledge he gained while studying for the CMA was great. It helped him to understand a lot more about the accounting field and to improve the way they work through applying its concepts and techniques, especially in cost management, performance measurement, decision analysis, budget preparation, financial statement analysis, and internal control.
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