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									                                                 June-Young Park
                                                 Midopa Bldg.#1001 Dangju-dong
                                                 145 Jongno-gu, SEOUL, KOREA
                                                 Tel: 822) 725-3553
                                                 E-mail: JYPARK1027@hotmail.com
                                                 Date: March 4, 2009

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Attention: Manager Ahn
Samsung Bldg Taepyong-Ro 2ga
Choong-ku 250, Seoul, Korea

Dear Sir :

I was very interested to see the job postings on your WEB site. I have been seeking
just such an opportunity as this, and I think my background and your requirements may
be a good match. I am in search of a company where I might have an opportunity to
work at foreign IT marketing and sales department in Europe, especially in France. I
believe that I possess many skills that would be an asset to a company in search of
individuals with a broad based, multicultural perspective.

I attended elementary, junior high, high school, MBA and post-graduate degree in
France and graduated from Sogang University in South Korea majoring in B.B.A. I
completed my military service in South Korea and served in the Personnel Department
managing Database and Statistics that allowed me to acquire strong database
management skill. I have an ability to adapt quickly to new environments and to
maintain an open mind.
A particular note for your consideration for this position placement is my strong
communication skill and accomplishments in comprehensive product understanding,
innovative market analysis, and substantial increase of customer base during a
two-year internship at the Hyundai Corporation Paris Office as an assistant to the
commercial, event promotion and account director.

Consider the following:
    -   Self trained product understanding
    -   Creative market research and analysis
    -   3,000 Aluminum Wheel units sold
    -   4,000 units preordered
    -   20 new buyers acquired
From this work experience, marketing knowledge and data base management skill, I
believe that I have acquired the abilities that would enable me to succeed in foreign
marketing and sales field related to IT products.

If you are seeking a person who stays abreast of his field, who possesses practical
knowledge on Marketing and Sales, who understands the importance of customer
relationship, who possesses multicultural experience, and who is committed to success,
then please consider what I have to offer. I would be delighted to discuss with you to
see if we can establish mutual interest. I will call you within the week to answer any
initial questions you may have, and to hear about your hiring process.

Thank you for your attention to this letter, and I certainly look forward to exploring this

Yours truly,

June-Young Park

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