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                                              software, websites, and electronic media that relate to the K–12 curriculum. All
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Achiever!                                                 REPORT CARD                          media content includes animation and
                                                                                               colorful graphics that provide an attrac-
Company: Brainchild Corp., 3050              Installation                           A          tive format designed to engage student
Horseshoe Drive N., Suite 290,               Content/Features                       A          learners. ESL (English as a Second
Naples, FL 34104. Phone: (800) 811-                                                            Language) students will benefit from
2724; internet:
                                             Ease of Use                            A
                                                                                               the focus on graphics in the lessons.
                                             Product Support                        A
Price: $147 per class per subject.                                                             At the start, students are “pre-tested”
Quantity discounts are available.                                                              on each content standard. At this stage,
                                            learning standards for each of the 50
                                            states and the District of Columbia.               they can review mistakes by looking
Audience: Ages 6–adult.
                                                                                               back at the answers they missed. The
                                            This is more than a quiz program. Stu-             correct solutions are shown immediate-
Format: Internet-based: text, anima-
                                            dents are tested and instructed on each            ly when a mistake is made.
tion, and graphics.
                                            of the standards throughout an auto-
Minimum System Requirements: A              mated personal learning plan designed              The Study Mode offers randomized
computer with internet access and a         to help them learn and master the re-              multiple-choice questions with im-
web browser.                                quired material. Self-pacing is obvious-           mediate and detailed feedback. If a
                                            ly a strong feature of this program. The           student inputs a wrong answer, the
Description: The Achiever! program          instruction is engaging and appeals to             Explain button can offer instant
assesses student knowledge as it re-        various learning styles and abilities.             guidance. Students must solve each
lates to state standards and adjusts                                                           question before t
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