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									                  Managing Your Online Reputation
                                                          familiar with it? While it may seem obvious what
  M      any companies analyze social media—
         Twitter, blogs, Facebook—for marketing
  purposes (e.g., to identify group preferences or
                                                          is proper and improper use of company property
                                                          and time, she reminds, “you only need to watch
  personalize website content). However, according        the Domino’s Pizza employees’ YouTube video to
  to corporate reputation strategist Ruth Kinzey, it      know otherwise.”
  is equally important for companies to recognize             Kinzey says companies should also consider
  the impact that social media has on its reputation.     using these new media to communicate with
  In a Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area arti-   employees and their families—for example, to
  cle, Kinzey recommends that organizations keep          convey information such as benefits or publicly
  four principles in mind as they incorporate social      released financial data. To fully leverage these          News stories
  media into their “reputational strategy”:               tools, Kinzey says, a firm must dedicate sufficient       often affect
      1) Listen—before you consider using social          resources to educate employees about the new
  media. Some firms hire a social media director to       medium, develop quality communication and                 people’s per-
  listen to social media outlets and learn what top-      provide timely responses.                                 ception of a
  ics interest customers. “Even if a company doesn’t          4) Measure. Many tools and services are avail-
  plan to engage actively in the social media world,      able to track a company’s “buzz”—anything from            company. A
  listening to what is being tweeted, blogged or          news announcement coverage to special interest
  otherwise communicated can be invaluable,”              concerns. Kinzey describes one such tool, Social          bad perception
  Kinzey says. For example, by monitoring social          Media Network, a PR Newswire product. It moni-            is reflected in
  media, a company can proactively address cus-           tors blogs, forum posts, online news sources and
  tomer concerns.                                         social networks to gather valuable information            the bottom
      2) Remember immediacy. “News travels                about what people are saying, how a brand is per-
  instantly, including the thoughts of disgruntled        ceived or what type of crisis is emerging. Kinzey
                                                                                                                    line, as people
  customers.” Kinzey recounts the 2008 ordeal of          notes that it is important to check the validity of       avoid the
  Dave Carroll, whose high-end guitar was dam-            results and interpret the statistics to refine your
  aged by United Airlines baggage handlers. After         strategy—“otherwise, you can end up with a col-           company’s
  9 months of getting nowhere with the firm’s cus-        lection of data rather than useful information.”          products or
  tomer service department, Carroll vowed to pro-             Social media is growing in popularity and is
  duce several songs about his experience. His first      becoming more and more commonplace. It is                 services.
  video, “United Breaks Guitar
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