TEAMS v1.0 by ProQuest


While advanced, this product is not a quick install. There are several factors and prerequisites that need to be addressed. The initial setup consists of several parts, including setting up a SQL server database if there is not one available already. After the database is set and a TEAMS user is created, a script must be run to build the data tables. Now the server can be set up.

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									                                                                                   GROUP TEST l Biometrics

                      TEAMS v1.0
                                                                              BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION:
                                      to be intuitive to navigate and
                                      easy to use.
                                         This product provides solid
                                                                              GROWING IN
                                      and powerful integration with
                                      web applications to keep sensi-
                                      tive data safe and out of the
                                      wrong hands. However, this
                                      product is not designed to man-
                                      age Windows logon and will not
                                                                              AND USE
                                      modify the Windows graphical
Vendor Triad Biometrics               identification and authentication.           n the United States, biomet-    that will benefit people and
Price  $12,000 per application
        per year
                                         Documentation was offered
                                      in the form of training videos
                                      inserted into various HTML-
                                                                              I   ric authentication technol-
                                                                                  ogy has taken huge leaps
                                                                              as a result of the September
                                                                                                                  enhance personal security.”
                                                                                                                     Abdel-Mottaleb and the
                                                                                                                  researcher’s system is capable
                                      based help files.                        11 attacks. According to the        of using 3-D or 2-D images
        he Triad Enterprise              Triad offers 30 days of pre-         International Biometric Group       of a face. The former method

T       Authentication and Migra-
        tion System (TEAMS)
system from Triad Biometrics
                                      mium support at no cost during
                                      setup and configuration. After
                                      30 days, customers can purchase
                                                                              (IBG), in 2009, fingerprint-
                                                                              ing methods made up about
                                                                              45.9 percent of all biometric
                                                                                                                  focuses on 3-D images of the
                                                                                                                  unique structure of the ear for
                                                                                                                  authentication. In a lab set-
takes a new look at enterprise-lev-   standard support at 15 percent of       methods used in government          ting, the 3-D image technology
el fingerprint biometric network       the purchase price, and premium         or industry. Facial recognition     has a 95 percent success rate.
security authentication. TEAMS        support at 25 percent.                  was second at 18.9 percent.         However, the process takes
uniquely eliminates passwords at         At a price of $12,000 per appli-     This technology is used l
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