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CeeloxID Server Edition


CeeloxID Server Edition v1.6.1.1 provides biometric flngerprint scanning for workstation domain logon, as well as single sign-on to programs and websites all in one centrally managed application. This edition of the product even goes so far as to cache credentials both on the server and locally on the machine so a user can still use the biometric if disconnected from the enterprise network.

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									» GROUP TEST l Biometrics

        CeeloxID Server Edition                                                               TRU650 v2.3.0
                                     existing access rights of users                                              immediately access their various
                                     and groups. We also found it to                                              assigned scanners. The TRU
                                     be very flexible with integration                                             scanner also has a card reader
                                     across multiple Windows oper-                                                built into the system. This allows
                                     ating systems, as well as Citrix                                             the system to be configured to
                                     and various programs and web                                                 operate in two-token mode or to
                                     applications.                                                                use fingerprint plus card.
                                        Documentation is in the form                                                 Documentation provided
                                     of two PDF manuals. Both                                                     includes several PDF guides. .
                                     include many screen shots,                                                      Integrated Biometrics provides
Vendor Ceelox                        step-by-step instructions and                                                free installation and setup sup-
Price  starting at $99.95 per user   examples.                              Vendor Integrated Biometrics          port with the purchase of the
         for up to 25 users             Ceelox provides the first year       Price   $949 with software included   product. Additional support
Contact www.ceelox.com               of technical support free with the     Contact integratedbiometrics.com      can be purchased as part of a
                                     purchase of its product. After                                               support contract at a cost of 11
          eeloxID Server Edition     the first year, additional support          ntegrated Biometrics’             percent of the hardware cost.

C         v1.6.1.1 provides bio-
          metric fingerprint scan-
ning for workstation domain
                                     can be purchased on an annual
                                     basis based on the size of the
                                     deployment. Support includes
                                                                            I   TRU650 Biometric Access
                                                                                Control system is an enter-
                                                                            prise-level system providing fin-
                                                                                                                  Phone and email technical sup-
                                                                                                                  port can be purchased at either
                                                                                                                  eight hours a day/five days a
logon, as well as single sign-on     eight hours a day/five days a           gerprint access for high security     week or 24/7. There is no sup-
to programs and websites all in      week phone and email technical         applications. All terminals and       port offered via the website.
one centrally managed applica-       support. Ceelox also provides a        clients are TCP/IP-based devic-          The TRU650 runs $949 with
tion. This edition of the product    free support area on its website,      es, allowing for a distributed        software included at no addi-
even goes so far as to cache         which includes product docu-           system that is managed centrally.     tional cost. Volume-based hard-
credentials both on the server       mentation and downloads.               This product uses management          ware pricing is available. The
and locally on the machine so a         At a price starting at just under   software that can be run fro
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