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									                                                                                   GROUP TEST l Biometrics

                           IDenium                                                                 Intelli-Pass
                                         Documentation was disap-                                                   On the user side, when a user is
                                      pointing. It is set up as a few                                             enrolled, the system stores a tem-
                                      HTML help files, which are                                                   plate representative of the user’s
                                      disorganized and difficult to fol-                                           fingerprint. This is connected to a
                                      low. We found ourselves going in                                            four-digit PIN number unique to
                                      circles looking for topics. How-                                            that user, which is assigned from
                                      ever, we think with organization,                                           the management software. The
                                      these help files could be useful as                                          units can be set to either provide
                                      they do include screen shots and                                            door access or as a method of
Vendor BioLink Solutions              step-by-step instructions.             Vendor Black Box                     time and attendance. This pro-
        (Bio-Metrica)                    Bio-Metrica offers a free initial   Price   $2,245                       vides a great amount of flexibility
Price   $1,100                        remote installation and configura-      Contact             throughout the system in which
Contact           tion session, as well as mainte-                                            both access and time logs can be
                                      nance and support for a period                 he Intelli-Pass Biometric    managed from a central point.

        he IDenium biometric
        system from Bio-Metrica
        provides a solid integrated
                                      of 90 days from shipment date.
                                      The service includes updates and
                                      upgrades of the software, and
                                                                             T       Access Control System
                                                                                     from Black Box uses
                                                                             latest-generation fingerprint
                                                                                                                    Documentation is provided in
                                                                                                                  the form of two paper manuals.
                                                                                                                    Black Box provides free phone
platform for distributing biomet-     technical support via phone and        verification and a unique split-      and email technical support for
ric fingerprint logon for users        emails during working hours.                          architecture design   the life of the product. However,
throughout the enterprise envi-       After 90 days, maintenance and                        to provide solid      customers can also purchase an
ronment. The IDenium server           support can be purchased as part                      security in access    extended warranty. This includes
integrates into Microsoft Active      of a support plan at an annual                        control. Black Box    dispatch of a certified repair
Directory (AD), as well as Novell     price of 15 percent of the system      approaches this by placing the       technician to the customer site
eDirectory and Citrix. This pro-      components.                            fingerprint reader and keypad         free of charge for repair/replace-
vides a great amount of flexibility.      At a price of about $1,100 for      portion of the architecture on the  
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