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                                                                       and Unix-based platforms with       searches remote machines
Got something to say?                                                  far smaller user bases than the
                                                                       Mac has, so it’s not just num-
                                                                                                           without an agent, so is ideally
                                                                                                           suited for large organizations.
               Send your comments, praise or criticisms                ber of users either.                Michael Doherty
               to scfeedbackUS@haymarketmedia.com.                     ff11
               We reserve the right to edit letters.                                                       In response to a November
                                                                       In response to an Opinion, The      19 news story, Health insurer
                                                                       data discovery challenge, by        Health Net loses 1.5 million
From the online mailbag             In response to a November 17       Prat Moghe, CEO, Tizor:             medical records:
The November SC Magazine            news story, Survey finds Mac,
had some of my heroes, like         PC users are equal cybercrime      Pretty cool stuff. Hey, do you      Health Net is not telling the
Whitfield Diffie and Martin           victims:                           know any data discovery tools       truth. This data can easily be
Hellman, but also missed one                                           available in the market?            viewed in any TIFF viewer.
I’d like to have acknowledged,      One of Apple’s marketing           Kapil                               Concerned
namely Shon Harris.                 lines for Macs has been that
   I’m studying for my CISSP        they do not suffer from the        Yes, Imperva offers a solution      Unfortunately, breaches like
right now. I’ve got two books       same virus infections that PCs     for data discovery and assess-      this will happen. Hard drives
on my desk, the Official ISC2        have. This clearly has nothing     ment. The solution will discov-     are lost or stolen and informa-
Guide by Susan Hansche,             to do with Macs being more         er databases on your network,       tion is lost. This is why it is
John Berti and Chris Hare, and      stable than PCs, it is because     classify the data they hold and     important to encrypt stored
CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide         fewer people own Macs than         assess their vulnerabilities.       data whether it is stored offsite
by Shon Harris. The first I use      own PCs. Cybercriminals are        This allows you to manage dif-      or onsite.
for structure, and the other        looking to infect as many          ferent data classes by the type     Tim Cronin
for content. I can’t imagine        machines as possible because       of risk they are exposed to.
anyone that has done more           this is how they create profit.        You can also include DAM         In response to Dan Kaplan’s
for IT security than Shon. Her      It only makes sense that they      (database activity monitoring)      feature story, Seizing manage-
opinions about the CISSP            would crea
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