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									JOBS MARKET                                What do you think needs                 What annoys you?
                                                                                                                          Skills in demand
Me and my job                              more attention?
                                           Greater education and aware-
                                                                                   Seeing people make basic
                                                                                   mistakes. I understand peo-            Corporations are seeking
                                           ness of cybersecurity issues.           ple can be victims of sophis-          information security engineers
                                           As a society, we are very good          ticated hacking attacks. I’m           as a “mission critical hire.” Top
                                           at developing increasingly              less sympathetic when I hear           skills to bring to the table are
                                           sophisticated technology to             that criminals are walking out         a strong knowledge of vulner-
                                           deal with these problems.               of hospitals with desktops             ability and penetration testing.
                                           However, we are not so good             containing health records.
                                           at ensuring everyone knows                                                     What it takes
                                           about and practices basic               Of what are you most                   The best way to show this is
                                           security precautions. I am              proud?                                 through a thorough under-
                                           shocked by how often I still            Disseminating vital informa-           standing of advanced hacker
                                           hear about people falling for           tion to those without the time         techniques. A simple Google
Tony Dyhouse                               phishing email requests to              or resources to find it them-           search of “hacker techniques”
director, cybersecurity program, Digital
Systems Knowledge Transfer Network         supply their passwords.                 selves is always rewarding             can get you started down the
                                                                                   – whether that be informing            path with very little effort. In
How do you describe your                   What security threats are               the man on the street about            addition, organizations like the
job to average people?                     overblown?                              minimizing security risks or           SANS Institute offer classes
I run a team which brings                  I don’t think any are over-             letting a promising technol-           called “cutting edge hacker
together business, govern-                 blown – they’re all real. It’s          ogy start-up know about a              techniques.”
ment and academia to find                   just many people have dif-              funding opportunity.
collaborative ways to deal                 ficulty in understanding why                                                    C
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