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Reid's Obamacare Bribery Hits New Low in Pork-Barrel Sleaze


[...] it is silent. [...] it actually supports Obamacare. Other Reid deals: * A tax break for Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, (Ben Nelson). * Federal money for ACORN, the left-wing activist group connected to phony voter registration lists, (Sen. Roland Bums of Illinois). * Medicaid payments of $600 million for Vermont, (Patrick Leahy). * More than $10 billion for government health centers, (Bemie Sanders of Vermont). * Florida seniors get to keep extra Medicare benefits that the elderly in other states will lose, (Bill Nelson). * Higher Medicare payments to hospitals in North Dakota, (Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad). * Extending Medicare benefits to a small group of miners in Montana sickened by asbestos, (Max Baucus).\n He clearly has an interest in his former firm's staying afloat. Not Usual Horse-Trading John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute is writing about one of the many favors the legislation gives drug firms. Reid is handing out money and projects in a bill thai affects 300 million Americans, as opposed to a yearly appropriations bill that hands out local bridge and highway projects. [...] giving various states a special break on paying for Medicaid, means taxpayers elsewhere WUl have to make up the difference.

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