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									                                                                                                                                                                                 InformationToday             31
                                                                                                                                                                            January 2010

                                                                                                            have it, hours after the Hogans and the         book intended for the newcomer to on-
        ITI Chronicles                                                                                      staff had started working, the police ar-       line searching … the book assumes no
                                                                                                            rived and told them they had to vacate          previous knowledge of computerized data-

In the Beginning                                                                                            the premises.
                                                                                                               “I was really angry,” Sue says. “We
                                                                                                            were paying rent; it wasn’t our fault that
                                                                                                            there was no CO, so I told the cops I was
                                                                                                                                                            base searching. …”
                                                                                                                                                                Learned Information, Inc. didn’t start
                                                                                                                                                            publishing a periodical (BD was a prod-
                                                                                                                                                            uct of Learned’s sister company, Plexus
by LAUREE PADGETT         |                                  place in March at the Sheraton Hotel in        going to see the mayor.” That didn’t keep       Publishing, Inc.) until 1984, and that pe-
                                                             New York City. This meeting, which was         the police from forcing them out of the         riodical was Information Today, as you

           ccording to traditional etiquette,                the brainchild of Tom Hogan and Roger          door (however, they snuck back in but           might have already guessed. In conjunc-
           pearls are the appropriate gift                   Bilboul, was designed to be the North          kept the lights off for the rest of the day).   tion with IT’s 25th anniversary in 2009,
           for a 30th wedding anniversary.                   American version of what is now known as       Sue called the mayor and arranged a             Hogan recounted how the newspaper
So in 2010, as Information Today, Inc.                       the International Online Meeting (IOM),        meeting with him, and by the next day,          went from an eight-page promotional
celebrates its 30th year in the informa-                     a show that Bilboul started in London as       BD was back in business and legally op-         marketing piece for the fourth NOM in
tion industry, my column will look at ITI                    a “product” of his company, Learned In-        erating out of their office space.              1983 to a monthly publication in 1984
                       history, seeing what                  formation Ltd.                                    Meanwhile, Bilboul came to Medford           (“Retrospective: 25 Years Ago in Infor-
                       grains of sand have                      The premier NOM featured about 40           for a visit. He already had successfully        mation Today,” Information Today, Vol.
                       turned into pearls in                 exhibitors, including the day’s industry       organized the first IOM and was plan-           25, issue 11, December 2008, pp. 22, 32),
                       the company’s oys-                    giants such as DIALOG, BRS, ABI/In-            ning the second. He believed that there         so I’ll invite those of you who want all the
                       ter shell during the                  form, Chemical Abstracts, and BIOSIS,          was a need for a similar show in the U.S.       details to check out the article at www
                       past 3 decades. I’ll                  as well as 70-plus speakers and 500 at-        and wanted to see if Hogan would pro- 
                       also include some                     tendees. What neither founder could have       duce the IOM equivalent in the states.              In the early days, Hogan served as
                       then-and-now com-                     fathomed was that this conference would        Hogan, a 36-year-old who, in his own            everything from a writer to the paper’s
                       parisons, checking                    beget Learned Information, Inc., 15 months     words, thought he knew “everything about        paste-up person. He relied on his connec-
                       in with people (in the                down the road and that 30 years later, this    everything,” was a veteran conference at-       tions in the information industry who were
    Lauree Padgett     industry and in ITI)                  same company (now called Information           tendee. As such, he reasoned, “How hard         knowledgeable and had interesting points
                       who were here when                    Today, Inc.) would become a major pub-         could it be to put on a show?”                  of view to write columns and articles.
it all started and who are still here years                  lisher and conference organizer in the in-        As he found out, it was plenty hard,             In those days, the publication’s sub-
later. But for this kickoff column, “Let’s                   formation industry.                            but he and his team, which included a           title was “The Newspaper for Users and
start at the very beginning, a very good                                                                    person to handle registration, a secretary/     Producers of Electronic Information Ser-
place to start.”                                                                                            assistant, and a graphic artist, learned        vices.” Now, while the tagline (“The News-
                                                             In the Abstract                                as they went along. Working on-site at          paper for Users and Producers of Digi-
                                                                 Hogan, whose official title is president   the Sheraton proved to be quite over-           tal Information Services”) has been up-
A ‘NOM’-inal Debut                                           and CEO of ITI, remembers how he and           whelming. “I didn’t quite understand all        dated to match the technology that has
   The year is 1980. The Pittsburgh Steel-                   Bilboul, ITI’s chairman of the board, ini-     the aspects of it,” says Hogan. “The hotel      taken the information industry from
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