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January 2010

Virtualization: Appealing in a Tough Economy                                                                                                             Focus on Publishing
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          irtualization, the practice of sim- pen,” he says, “you get these big quantum          and models. While that creates opportuni-
          ulating multiple computers on leaps forward.”                                          ties for smaller companies, Perreault also        by professors everywhere; we call it grad-
          a single server, was at one time              According to Perreault, the release of   acknowledges that the continued involve-          ing, and editors (real editors) call it copy
seen as the future of computing. The tech- Windows 7 created an opportunity for                  ment of larger corporations such as Micro-        editing and proofing. These are tasks that
nology promised a return to a                                   companies to invest in new       soft and Cisco could lead to major shifts in      we rarely do for the amusement of the
simpler era of computing, a                                     technologies while migrating     the marketplace. Microsoft in particular          sport of correcting syntax or verifying some
time when robust centralized                                    from aging OS deployments.       invested in virtualization in the past few        weird strange fact that a writer uncovered.
mainframes and inexpensive                                      “People think Windows 7 will     years through its 2006 acquisition of de-
terminals were the order of                                     drive a huge desktop refresh     veloper Softricity and the release of the
the day.                                                        in the enterprise,” he says,     Hyper-V virtual server platform in 2008.                      Worse yet, I seem
    While the technology is still                               adding that most companies          Noting that VMware found success
used today, the promised thin                                   “sat on their hands” when        early on by focusing on the data center and                  to be ‘friends’ with
client (a network computer                                      Vista was launched to mixed      server markets, Perreault says Microsoft                       the same people
without a hard disk drive) rev-         Justin J. Perreault
                                                                reviews in 2006.                 now has the same opportunity with virtu-
olution never materialized,                                         Many companies may also      alization. “They [Microsoft] own the data                   over and over again
and desktops remained the industry stan- use virtualization to cut costs by consol-              center from the network standpoint,” he                       on these different
dard. Now cloud computing is bringing idating servers and shifting more of the                   says. “It’s a real strategic foray for them
virtualization back into vogue, and in- workload from desktops. Perreault ex-                    to go after the server side.”                                  social networks.
vestors such as Justin J. Perreault of plains that by allowing companies to
Commonwealth Capital Ventures see a cut hardware costs on both sides of the                                                 —Kurt Schiller            Further, we are held captive
future for companies that can ride the client/server equation, virtu-                                                                              by bibliography creation systems that
next big wave.                                      alization has a “hard dollar                                                                   will produce long lists of citations but are
    Perreault compares virtualization to ROI association,” making it                                                                               never actually cited within the text itself.
other design paradigms that changed the an appealing investment                                                                                    Our academic libraries have even offered
face of IT, such as mobile computing and even in a difficult economy.                                                                              such tools for the students for years, so
SaaS. Likening such shifts to “profound                 Perreault believes that                                                                    actually doing the heavy lifting to make
waves that [crash] through the IT in- growth in the industry will                                                                                  Wikipedia better is probably becoming
dustry,” Perreault believes that the time focus on existing standards                                                                              less and less interesting to folks who ac-
is ripe for another overhaul, due in part set forth by companies such                                                                              tually want credit for their work. Today’s
to the recession and the ongoing adoption as Citrix and VMware, rather                                                                             students typically want credit for every-
of Windows 7. “Innovation tends to hap- than entirely new systems                                                                                  thing they do, but given the economic
                                                                                                                                                   times, money may be a better incentive.

                                                     When the game was over, he disconnected            One bit of technology I highly recom-
               Internet Waves                        and turned off his laptop, the ship subse-      mend for cruise ships, especially if you’re   Commentary Overload
     (continued from page 15)                        quently set sail, and Burdick presumably        a voracious reader (which describes mos
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